The Hollywood cuteness.

Now that award season is over it’s back to normal in Hollywood, well whatever sort of normal there is for Hollywood. Annnnd go!

  • Starting off today’s post with a whole lotta cuteness we have my favorite Hollywood family out and about enjoying some good ole California sun.

    ohmygoodness how freaking precious is little Seraphina!

    aw Ben and Violet are quite the pair.

  • Moving on to some more cuteness we have the oh-so-freaking-adorable Harlow Madden. Seriously her curls are all sorts of precious and I sort of hope my future daughter looks like her.

    oh so freaking adorable!!

  • Moving on from the cuteness and onto some Hollywood stories…Betty White, the baddest biatch in Hollywood will officially be hosting SNL May 8th, so set your DVRs!..Ladies tired of guys not looking you in the eyes? Try Forehead Tittaes, Marion Cotillard swears by them…David Schwimmer is getting married to his 24 year old lady friend, congrats…On the opposite end of that, Kate Winslet and her husband Sam Mendes split which is quite sad, I heart Kate…and Jessica Simpson is planning on having a baby with Ken Paves if she’s not married by 40, ummmokay….annnnd Reese Witherspoon is seriously one of the most adorable women in Hollywood and I sort of really want her purple dress:

    love her, love the dress.

  • And in Twilight news….
    So the Eclipse trailer came out and I’m ready for the next one, haha. I didn’t love it but that doesn’t mean I can’t wait to see the movie. Also, this video for some behind the scenes footage is way more exciting.

    Also, exciting? Rob Pattinson in a top hat on the set of Bel Ami.

    oooh la la.

  • In movie news…
    As much as I don’t love 3D movies, I will so be in the theaters when Titanic is rereleased in 2012 (100 years after the ship sank) in 3D. I mean really, how could I not see that movie again? I freaking love it!

    Also, I watched Public Enemies on Sunday and here’s what I thought.

  • And in music news….
    In case you missed it, OkGo released a new music video and it’s sort of freaking awesome. No really, you need to watch it.
  • In TV news…
    Grey’s Anatomy. Aw Lexie still likes Sloan and Sloan thinks he likes Teddy and Owen sort of likes Teddy and Meredith knows it and just all sorts of emotions going on here. For once the episode wasn’t totally depressing and I totally love that Bailey is finally getting some action (and to a good looking man!) and

    Top Model. Welcome to a new season of crazy girls and a whole lot of screaming. I don’t really have any favorites yet but I do love the fact that there’s going to be a whole lot more of the Jays, who are my fave. For the best recap around, check out Four Four and all the wonderful gifs.

    The Mentalist. Are you watching this show yet? Has my incessant praise got you tuned in yet? Because you should. Last week’s episode, albeit a bit sad, was pretty entertaining. Any episode where Simon Baker runs is guaranteed to be amusing. Basically I laughed a whole lot and it was superb.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have a man that decided to marry a pillow. Yes, a pillow. What is the world coming to these days?

Anything I missed? Let me know.

happy tuesday!