Oh it’s Oscar time!

How are the Academy Awards over already? Seriously, it’s just so sad. And man this recap would have been a lot easier and coherent if I had my computer out during the show, but alas I was too busy drinking belinis and clapping and yelling at the TV and hanging out with some friends that were over and eating candy and just having a good time all around. So this year my recap is pretty much my thoughts about the night in general and in no particular order:

  • I have no idea what Keanu was doing there and why he was asked to present but I did not object and I most definitely screamed like a school girl when he was on screen. But seriously can someone please make him shave!?!?!

    at least he put a suit on, haha.

  • And ohmygod a man who was totally okay to be there and had good reason and I just happened to turn on E! as he was getting interviewed…SAM WORTHINGTON! Oh yes his Aussie made me swoon and he definitely almost dropped an F bomb and I laughed and then I swooned some more and luckily my friend Courtney was here to swoon with me as well and Matt was just sadly outnumbered, but oh yes back to the point, HELLO SAM!

    Oh he is so dapper and handsome.

  • And some of my favorite ladies on the red carpet:

    can I please have this dress?!?!
    I LOVE IT.

    aw what a cute siblings and I adore
    Maggie’s print dress.

    love this color and shape and just adore.

    Paula and Robin are such a cute couple, and man
    that baby is going to be adorable.

    another fabulous dress, nicely done
    Elizabeth Banks, nicely done.

  • And for the “can I please look this hot at your age” winners I picked Meryl and Sigourney because man I loved their dresses, they were just appropiate for them:

    can I please have this dress? No really
    I love it.

    Meryl is just the epitome of classy.

  • And some of the ladies who’s dresses and looks I wasn’t too much of a fan of and don’t really feel like putting their pictures up: Miley Cyrus (stop slouching woman!) and her mom (step away from the spray tan!), Zoe Saldana (umm a little too floofy for me, not a fan), Vera Farmiga (one. I’m pretty sure she was drunk before the show even began and two. I didn’t like the fan look, loved the color though) and as much as it pains me to say it, Diane Kruger (not a fan at all, definitely prefer her second dress better well that and it didn’t hurt that Joshua Jackson showed up with her at the end of the night).

    Josh where were you earlier?!
    And I do sort of love the gray suit, tre fun.

  • NPH I heart you big time, for eva and eva, especially because the opening number had a Harold and Kumar mention.
  • I’m pretty sure there hasn’t a been a year that the Academy hasn’t snubbed someone big in the In Memorium section and every year they argue that there just isn’t enough time. But there’s enough time for some weird ass interpretative dance and a tribute to horror films (oh and by the way New Moon is NOT a horror film)
  • The whole “Kanye” moment was just so petty and I couldn’t understand a freaking word that woman was saying anyways. I just think they both took away from what looks like a really poignant movie. So boo to two adults that couldn’t work something out. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s the scoop.
  • Ohmygosh the Ben Stiller Avatar moment was way funnier than I thought it was going to be and I definitely had a good laugh.

  • I’m putting it out there, Mo’nique bugs me. Her speech, her interviews, she just has this fake attitude. Like yeah I know you did a kick ass job in Precious and you’re not just a Phat Girl but stop acting so ridiculous it’s driving me nuts!

  • The Dude wins it. Loved his speech and I may or may not have gotten all teary at the dedication to his parents and man, just so cute.

    El Duderino.

  • AHHHHHHHHHHH SANDY!!!!! Yes she may have had it in the bag but sometimes you just don’t know and I thought Gaby could have possibly won it. So yeah I screamed a bit and possibly even got all teary during her fabulous speech (oh and check out her Razzie speech as well, seriously I didn’t think she could get more awesome) and was basically all sorts of happy for her!

    (as if that wasn’t obvious already)

  • And props to Kathryn Bigelow and The Hurt Locker. Although I probably would have voted for Up in the Air, I definitely think The Hurt Locker deserved the win and it was just so cute seeing how excited to whole cast and crew was to win it.

Whew that was exhausting, if you made it through that then I hope you enjoyed. Anything big I forgot to mention? All in all I thought it was a pretty entertaining (albeit long) show and Steve and Alec did a pretty good job. I also loved the intros for the best actor and actress nominees

happy tuesday!