A Hollywood post on a Tuesday? Why yes it is! Hollywood Tuesdays are back so let’s not waste any time cause there’s lots to catch up on.

  • First of all, don’t forget to enter my TCM 21 Days of Oscar giveaway, it ends tomorrow!
  • Next and onto some uber cuteness. I mean really, Hollywood brought out some serious adorableness last week and I just have to share. First up…my favorite kids in Hollywood, Violet and Seraphina Affleck with daddy Ben. Usually we see the girls with Jen but oh man both girls with Ben is just precious.

    aw daddy’s little girls.

  • Next up bringing in some major cuteness is Nicole Richie with her son Sparrow in Paris. Although I am still not a fan of his name, this picture of mother and son just melts my heart.

    aw, precious.

  • And because you can never have too much cuteness…Halle Berry and hottie Gabriel Aubry were out and about with their oh so adorable daughter Nahla. Seriously I hope my future daughter is as cute as she is!

    such a good lookin family.

  • Moving on from the cuteness to some other Hollywood news…Avril Lavigne was asked to sign a picture of Jell-O (don’t ask me why but I think it’s hilarious)…as if we didn’t already know, Ryan Gosling is super sweet and does so much of his own work with his band…this Avatar/Pocahontas mashup is the funniest (and most accurate) thing ever…not that I’ve ever watched a season but the new line up of Dancing with the Stars is out and I’m mildly entertained, just mildly…Brit Brit went back to blonde and she pretty much needs to stay that way…and if you’re a Backstreet Boys fan they’re going on cruise! No really, they are.
  • In some favorites news…
    Umm so remember how I have a crush on Sam Worthington? Yeah well I do. He’s jumped up the list like wo and thank you YouTube for having so many fabulous interviews with him. This interview of Sam on ROVE is my absolute favorite though, so charming and funny.

    oh helloooo hawtness.

  • And in Twilight news….
    Rob Pattinson made a stop over at Jimmy Fallon’s and had a chance to take this hilarious picture:

    love this.

    In some more Rob news, the premiere of Remember Me was last night and I just love this picture of Rob on the red carpet with his two lady co-stars.

    what a good looking cast.

  • In movie news…
    Zoolander 2 is officially a go. Blue Steel what?
  • And in TV news…
    Glee. Okay Glee just needs to come back already. Especially because Neil Patrick Harris will officially be guest starring!! I cannot wait for him to be the show simply because he is awesome. Also in Glee news, in case you missed it the kids are going on tour (a very short one, but a tour nonetheless).

    How I Met Your Mother. I want a teacup pig! Seriously they’re just so cute. And ohmygod I love Barney Stinson. The history of hot women’s profession was hilarious, Barney is all sorts of awesome. And oh man I have totally been on someone’s hook before, oh so very true. And um have I said I want a teacup pig? Yeah because it’s freaking adorable.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have the tale of a drunken monkey. Seriously, a drunken monkey that is being sent to rehab for it’s drinking and smoking problems? Um what? Monkeys can go to rehab?

And that’s today’s Hollywood news. Anything I missed?

happy tuesday!