Some things.

It’s been a busy, crazy albeit short week for me so here goes a super short bullet point post:

  • I’m headed to Houston today for the Mom 2.0 Summit and if it’s anything like last year’s I cannot wait.
  • Allison, Jessica and Britney will be there as well which is all sorts of fun times.
  • Last year there was a Robin Williams and Jason Kidd sighting, how about Bill Engvall or Derek Fisher this year?
  • I get back from Houston Saturday afternoon and I’m walking in the Pasadena half marathon Sunday morning. Yes I am a crazy person but fingers crossed I make it!
  • There won’t be a Top Ten post tomorrow because I just didn’t have time to write one, like I said, a crazy busy week.
  • Matt and I watched Terminator Salvation last night and seriously, Sam Worthington has moved up the list, he’s probably in the teens somewhere.

  • But don’t worry I still love this guy best:

Hope you all have a fabulous day and a most lovely weekend, woo!

happy thursday!