Fondue is Fun (pt 2.)

Thank goodness for long weekends, I mean really could we have them all the time? Then again I can’t really complain since this week is a two day work week for me, anyhoo, moving on.

Friday: As a very belated birthday gift I treated my best friend Megan to see Valentine’s Day. And it was so cute. Not nearly as horrible as some of the reviews I’d heard but it was cute and fun and clearly chock full of celebs and contrived storylines but we still enjoyed it. After the movie we had some drinks at the Yard House where Matt and a couple more friends joined us for a fun night of conversation and catching up and just good times all around.

Saturday: Woke up late, ran some errands, worked out with the EA Active (and holy hell my legs are still sore, oy), read a book (oh yes I finished a whole book, it was short but whatever), and before I knew it it was time for a family BBQ. My cousin Michael, his wife Oxana and their daughter Sophia (who I’d never met) were in town from Germany so of course my family made a party out of it. Basically it was so fun to see my cousin and his wife and their daughter is just all sorts of precious and I wish they lived closer!

Sophia and Nana, so cute.

say what?

Sophia and mommy laughing it up.

someone’s getting sleepy.

Basically it was so fun to see all of them and little Sophia is so darn cute, especially the fact that she “speaks” both German and English, I love it. If only Germany and the US were closer together, that would be wonderful.

Sunday: Happy Valentine’s Day! Started my day off with Matt and the fam walking eight miles (the half marathon is this Sunday, holy crap!). However my legs were still in so much pain from EA Active so once we were done I pretty much was done for the day. I pretty much went in and out of sleep after I got out of the shower until Matt and I went grocery shopping for our Valentine’s Day fondue dinner. Just like last year we decided to have a nice night in with lots of cheese and chocolate and all around goodness.

almost ready to start!

Matt testing out the cheesy goodness.

Basically we stuffed ourselves with lots of delicious cheese and artichokeness and chocolatey goodness while enjoying Just Like Heaven and Night at the Museum 2. All in all just the way I wanted to spend the day and night, all around loverly.

Monday: Thank goodness for the day off. All I really did was sleep, clean up the apartment a bit, do some wedding stuff with my mom, and sleep some more! Matt and I hit up a happy hour for lunch which was quite fun and then did dinner at his dad’s house where the movie of the night was The Hangover (aka one of the funniest movies ever) and we laughed more than anything else. Then the night ended with some Wii and some wine and it was a good time.

So how was your weekend? Do anything special for Valentine’s Day?

happy tuesday!