Moving Sale.

First of all, thank you for all the comments on yesterday’s post with our engagement pictures. Matt and I really had a good time all around and are just a silly pair and I’m glad you liked them. And perhaps I’ll share some more later, we’ll see about that.

Anyhoo, moving on…..So I haven’t really mentioned it on here before but my office is moving…upstairs. And because we’re moving and getting all swankified we’ll no longer be able to put stuff up on our walls. Not a big deal right? Welllll….. this is what my office space currently looks like:

What can I say? I accumulate pictures and posters and random crap and just put it up on the wall. And most of it is stuff I don’t want to put up at home so it goes up here. Well not any more. Some of the stuff I’ll throw away, other stuff I’ll find a way to make work in the new space, others will come home with me and then there’s the stuff that I have no idea what to do so I figured I’d give it away. I know this post says Sale but really I just want my random crap to find a good home. So what random crap is it you ask?

An autographed poster of Little Miss Sunshine. Seriously it’s signed by the whole cast.

A not signed but equally awesome poster of Puck and Artie from Glee.

An genie themed Bratz doll.

A Johnson Family Vacation trucker hat.

A Smack Down Raw action figure.

A Hercules glass mug.

A Scooby Doo bank.

So do you want any of this? Email me 0r comment here and I’ll send it your way. I’m packing up next week so let me know soon. I mean how could you not want a Hercules mug or a genie Bratz doll, haha???

and please tell me I’m not the only one with too much stuff around their desk, please!

happy thursday!