Some Engaging pictures.

*ba dum ching! I crack myself up with that title. fact: I am a huge nerd.*

A couple of weeks ago Matt and I took some engagement pictures down at Santa Monica Beach and yesterday we got the proofs back! And a few things I discovered while looking at them…

  • We are a very goofy couple. But I already knew that.
  • Some pictures it looks like I have a double chin and I know I don’t have a double chin.
  • Matt is quite handsome.
  • My hair has a mind of its own, especially when it’s windy.
  • Pink shoes make pictures fun.
  • I laugh. A lot.
  • I make really weird faces.
  • My “romantic” face makes me giggle.
  • Matt and I have a lot of fun together.

And without further adieu I present some of our pictures (don’t mind the watermark) :)

I’d say we had a good time all around since we’re laughing in about 80% of the pictures. It was definitely a fun experience and something to get used to before the big day. Basically I heart us and our crazy ways.

happy wednesday!

*all pictures are by Fino Photography*

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