If I had live blogged the Oscar nominations…

Last year I did this and I figured why not do it again because it’s just so dang fun! Woo Oscar nominations!

Actor in a Leading Role
The DUDE does it again. It’s like you’re this year’s Mickey Rourke.
Be still my heart dear George.
Oh Mr. Darcy! I guess I should see this movie now?
Umm what?! Morgan Freeman? I know you’re a good actor and all but ummm I don’t know about this nomination.
Nice job Jeremy, very much an underdog, very nice.

Actor in a Supporting Role
Oooh la la Matt Damon. Although I don’t buy your accent at all in this movie (a la Leo in Blood Diamond) I guess if Morgan can get nominated so can you.
Woody Harrelson? You did something other than Zombieland last year? I am impressed!
Chris Plummer? Okay then….
Just looking at that picture freaks me out *shudder* Stanley, I’ll just keep picturing you from The Devil Wears Prada because you were freaking fabulous in that and not a creepy killer.
Okay I admit I had never heard of you, little Christoph until a couple weeks ago and now I just want to put you my pocket!

Actress in a Leading Role
SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDRA!!!!! It’s your year! You can do it! I know you can! Kate did it last year and she is passing on the torch, wahoo.
Helen you’re the Queen and I have no idea what this movie is.
Look at you Carey, still haven’t seen this movie but apparently it’s a good one.
There’s always a good chance that if your character is the movie’s title that you’ll get nominated, and very well deserved Gaby.
17 freaking nominations!? Meryl you are a beast! I heart you, but I don’t want you to win.

Actress in a Supporting Role
Penelope? Yeah I guess I can get on board with that although I think Marion may have done a wee bit better.
Vera, Vera, Vera nicely done.
Maggie, you truly are the queen of indie flicks, another well deserved nomination…I think.
A Twilight alum nominated for an Oscar, who’d a thought?? Woo Anna!
Annnd Mo’Nique. Of course. No big surprise there, her character was horrible and nuts and very well acted.

Best Picture
Freakin’ Avatar. Of course. Gaaaaah. Wait. Not complaining. I will see this movie and it will blow my mind.
Blind Side. Yes. One of my favorites of last year.
Say what? District 9? Was it really that good? Oscar worthy? Eh.
Apparently I need to see An Education, all sorts of indie nominations.
Woo for a good army movie! Well I’m assuming it’s good I haven’t seen it yet but it’s definitely on the list.
Crazy Nazi killers and Tarantino equal an Oscar contender.
Intense drama to the max and a super sad story, of course Precious gets a nomination and it’s very well deserved.
Another indie winner I need to see and Colin Firth is definitely a plus.
Well that’s a surprise…Up! A cartoon for best picture and best animation? Very nice.
Another one of my favorites of the year, Up in the Air, so so good and well deserved nomination.

So what did you think of the nominations? How many have you seen?

happy wednesday!

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