I’ve got the Blues.

I love movies, this is no surprise. I usually try and see the Oscar nominated films and even the random ones that no one has heard about. And usually I look forward to watching the nominated flicks (although I admit I’ve yet to see The English Patient and I’m pretty sure I never will) however this year is a bit different.

I’ve already seen some of the movies I know are going to get nominated and ones that won Golden Globes, but the biggest one, the one everyone is talking about, the one that is breaking all sorts of records….Avatar…I have yet to see it and honestly I really really don’t want to.

I know, I know if I see it I am bound to love it. I mean I didn’t want to see Speed when it was in theaters, I was forced to go and look how that turned out? It was the first movie I ever saw twice in theaters and became my numero uno movie and propelled my love for Keanu and Sandra. But really, Avatar just screams Fern Gully and Pocahontas to me and everyone says how great it is in 3D, but umm confession, I hate watching movies in 3D because I have to wear glasses when I watch movies and yeah it gives me a headache, downer I know.

But with all of that said I am giving in, I will watch Avatar. I will find three hours to watch a bunch of blue people and hopefully I’ll like it, but I make no guarantees. However it doesn’t hurt that I get to admire this hot piece for some of it right?

helloooooo Sam Worthington.

So tell me, have you seen Avatar? What did you think?

happy wednesday!

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