It’s Tuesday and you know what that means, Hollywood day. So here we go…

  • Starting off this week we have my favorite bebe in Hollywood, little Violet Affleck looking her oh so adorable self while strolling around town with mom. Seriously she is just so darn cute!


  • Next up in the cuteness we have little Zuma Rossdale at the park with momma Gwen. Seriously this little boy is getting cuter and cuter every day, love it.

    tre adorable!

  • In non-cute bebe news we have some other Hollywood happenings…Gerard Butler made out with a random violin player, and I’m slightly jealous…Ryan Gosling is having all sorts of fun at Sundance and why aren’t I there too???….there is currently talk of a SPICE GIRLS MUSICAL, say what!? that would be awesome!!….Lauren Conrad has written yet another book and I bet it’ll be another top seller, good for her…P. Diddy hosted a ridiculous sweet sixteen birthday party for his son Justin and I sort of can’t wait to see it on an MTV special because there’s gold and crowns and a crazy Lil Kim sighting, so basically it has to be awesome…Gary Coleman was arrested on charges of domestic abuse and man he looks creepy, shutter, ugh.
  • Oh so the SAG awards were on Sunday and there was some superb fashion going on and so many of my favorites were there again I just loved it.

    Sandra and Jesse, heart them.

    LOVE this dress, way to
    work it Lea Michelle.

    Why hellloooo Joshua and Diane, you two look fabulous!

    oh Anna you look stunning.

    Oh what a Golden Girl indeed.

  • And in today’s Twilight news…
    New stills from Rob Pattinson’s newest flick, Remember Me, were released and um some of them make me swoon.

    le swoon.

  • In music news…
    My favorite, Craig David, released a new single and it’s so catchy. Not his best work but definitely not his worse, and man is he aging well. Let’s just hope he films his next video in LA and not Miami because I could totally dance to it, haha.

    Also in music news, who the hell is this Justin Bieber kid??? He sort of weirds me out just by looking at him. But apparently if I was ten or so I’d have his poster everywhere, I just don’t get it.

  • And in TV news…
    The Mentalist. I LOVE THIS SHOW. Not even kidding, I laugh more watching this show than I do in most of the comedies I watch. And it doesn’t hurt that I get to look at Simon Baker for an hour either, he is just so freaking swoon worthy to me, haha. But um so yeah this last week’s episode was just as good as the rest and it was a twisty turny tale trying to catch a mayor’s assistant’s killer.

    Grey’s Anatomy. I haven’t yelled at the characters on this show in oh so long but man was I yelling when I watched last week’s. I yelled at Cristina and Owen and told them to make out already and I swooned when they made out, I yelled at McSteamy when he got mad at Lexie because it was just dumb, I yelled at Meredith for not turning the cheif in sooner, I yelled at Izzie simply for being annoying and Izzy and I yelled at Alex because I knew he’d say he couldn’t take Izzie back and I was sort of okay with it. Basically all sorts of dillemmas and drama and ah, when can the show just be happy again, at least a little bit.

    Glee. Is it April yet??? I miss this show!! But at least when it’s coming back Idina Menzel and Neil Patrick Harris will both be guest stars and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news we have a priest in trouble with the law because he decided to shoplift some butter and a sofa cover. Um say what? I’m pretty sure it’s frowned upon in the church to shoplift, haha.

And that’s all I have today, anything I missed let me know!

happy tuesday!