Fine lines.

I’ve realized as Matt and I have been in the midst of wedding planning and randomly adding elements to our apartment (we got a new book shelf and I love it), there is a fine line between girly and unisex. I’ve tried my best to maintain that line and keep our apartment and our wedding in the unisex/gender neutral category (aka not too many florals, no pictures of Rob Pattinson on the wall, no magenta table linens, etc.) but I feel like some of it is just not right.

In my attempt to maintain a neutral living space and a neutral wedding I feel like I’ve lost the girliness I love so much. Yes I should probably just talk to Matt about this more (and I have) instead of writing about it but I want more girly stuff in our lives and I need help.

I want cute banners and pictures of us hanging up and maybe some dorky signs displayed at our wedding and I’m pretty sure I will and it will be okay, I just don’t want the girly to take over or be shoved to the side, so how do I find that happy medium?

And as for our apartment, everyone that comes over says how cute it is and I agree it is cute, it’s random it’s fun and I love it. But then sometimes I’ll see pictures of Kerri or Kyla or Kay‘s (to name a few) apartments and my heart melts at the cuteness and the girly aspects that our apartment lacks.

Maybe I just have to wait until we have a house or until we move to really let loose with my decorative ideas and somewhat girly tendencies or maybe just work it out with Matt some more.

On the wedding end, I’m pretty sure I’m one of the luckiest future brides in that Matt is willing to help (and man is he helping, like a lot) as well as indulge my ridiculous cutesy ideas and fun things while also putting me in my place that really, some things are necessary even if I saw it on a wedding blog.

So basically I’m just posting this to ask, how do you find the happy medium? How do you compromise? Is there really such a thing as just gender neutral that is still cute? So many questions that aren’t all that important but I need help, so thank you in advance.

this is my motto. sort of.

happy wednesday!