Live from the Golden Globes.

So two nights ago I was curled up on my couch, covered in a blanket, drinking water with my computer perched in my lap as I took notes and twittered about the Golden Globes. I was going to break down my random thoughts into an actual post but then I figured just posting what I wrote would be a wee bit more entertaining, so here we go:
*don’t mind all the weird formatting, it was late and I’m too lazy to fix it all now*

Nice open Ricky, love all the jokes.

Oh Julianne I love those earrings.

Ooooh Monique for the win, yaaaay LOVED how amazing she was in that movie even as such an awful person, she can be taken seriously , holy hell I didn’t realize how many other awards shes won this season already.

Oh Lea you look so cute I love it.

Yay Toni, finally someone other than Tina, Tina I love you but glad you didn’t win; oh right she’s Australian, haha, and um love that oh so sparkly dress.

Man it looks hard to maneuver through there, is there no direct path??

Come on NPH for the win.

How is Jeremy Piven still getting nominated? Is this show still good?

Oh sad, another time NPH another time.

“Animation is not just for children, it’s also for adults that take drugs” – Paul McCartney aka hilariousness.

And of course UP wins it, pixar can do no wrong and that movie was adorable.

Dear Kate Hudson, what is that dress please explain.

“one thing that can’t be bought, is a golden globe….officially” – Ricky Gervais

Oh Felicity such a pretty dress, I like, I like.

Comeeeeeeee on SIMON, you should win simply for your hottness and Australianness and mmmmmm.

Okay well Michael can win too, and I teared up just looking at him, he didn’t even have to mention cancer.

Glenn Close and Helen Mirren could be sisters, they age so gracefully.

Oh very nice Juliana, way to go 6 times later, but what is that dress!?

Elisabetta is one lucky biatch, hello George.

Cher scares me, and Christina’s dress, um okay sure.

Oh Amy I love that dress and that color, but your hair? I’ll give it to you because you’re pregnant.

I feel like Jeremy Irons is all about the mini series now, does he even do movies any more?

Grey Gardens, sure. Why not.

Tom how you have aged well, I feel like I should just go watch Sleepless in Seattle right this second. *added note, I watched it on TV Monday afternoon, haha.

Marion’s makeup looks flawless.

How the crap did Julia get nominated for Duplicity? Did anyone even see that movie?!!

Aw yay Merryl, glad you didn’t cancel yourself out, you were pretty perfect as Julia Child – but holy hell awards shows love you woman, 25 nominations and 7 wins holy hell.

Helen Mirren, looks freaking fabulous.

Hellloooo Sam Worthington an you’re delicious accent, how come no one told me you’re Australian?!?!

Oh Drew you look fabulous even with the weird looking snail things on your dress and aw this is your first globe, precious.

Oh helloooo slit in Jen Aniston’s dress and Gerard you are always so dapper and quite tan.

Oh Jen Garner I love how sparkly you are and your smile and ah I love it.

Freaking a Alec Baldwin wins? Yet again? Eh.

Not bad Sophia Loren, not bad.

Leo makes my heart swoon.

Sadly I don’t want any of the dramas that were nominated, whoops.

Hello Taylor, you look so handsome, as always I lurve it.

What the hell is Chloe’s dress? So many ruffles, I don’t get it.

Helloooo Halle, I don’t think it’s possible to look bad, and hello boobs.

Matt Damon, god are you dreamy.

And again I haven’t seen any of the movies of the men nominated for supporting actor, whoops.

Leo you will always make me swoon, seriously you are such a dream boat, and your eyes are so bluuuuue.

Martin Scorsese for the special award, love it. Why does this movie montage not have anything from the Departed??? Oh there it is, I see. Okay why are they showing clips from Shutter Island??? I thought we already discussed this and the preview alone is giving me the heeebeee geebies, yikes. And Marty, you are a shorty, I should have known.

I like a drink as much as the new man, unless it’s Mel Gibson – Ricky, oh my god I almost spit out my water laughing so hard.

Freaking A Avatar, do I really need to see that movie now? James, cut your hair! And um how awkward his ex wife was nominated too? Crazy pants.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay GLEE!!!!!!!! Love what everyone is wearing, so fabulous and they’re so happy and it makes me happy and yay can it be April and bring that show back already?

Oh the Hangover boys, where is Zach??

Reese you look quite lovely, as always and man I love that color….clearly…it’s my wedding color, radiant.

The HANGOVER for the win, I absolutely freaking love it. That movie was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in forever. And Bradley, way to step up the hotness yet again. But really why are they all matching, haha.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sandra I knew you could win it, I heart you!!!! I HEART YOU!!!! (I’ll forgive your weird hair) but my goodness yay, Kate won it last year and I knew you could do it. Yes I know Precious was awesome and Gaby probably should have won but gah I love Sandra like wo, I can’t stray!

So many favorites in one room, Josh Jackson, Sandra Bullock, Simon Baker, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, all we need is a Keanu and I’d be in heaven.

RDJ I sort of really heart you and this awesome speech.

Kate you look divine, as always, my favorite, love you.

The Dude wins it big time, very nice. I guess I gotta see this movie now.

I think Julia may be a little bit wastey face? Maybe she’s been drinking what Mariah’s been sipping on .

Avatar? Really? Blue people? 3 hours? I only sit through one movie that long, Titanic, clearly. But really? Do I haaaaave to see this movie?

And it’s over, sad face. Because it was fabulous.

So that’s all folks, my recap in all its random rambling glory. Hope you enjoyed!

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happy tuesday!