I should be embarrassed.

by katelin on January 8, 2010

But really I’m not. I just don’t always like to admit it. But I am. Right now. Right this second. I should be but am no longer embarrassed about the following…

  • I love country music, especially Keith Urban. Like I blare Keith music at work and try not to sing along it’s that good.
  • I go to YouTube just to listen to “Tik Tok” and I cannot stop. And I don’t even like Mick Jagger or brushing my teeth with Jack, ew.
  • My ears. They are huge. And they stick out, a lot. Well maybe not so much any more but I’ve been plagued with embarrassment since I was ridiculed as a kid and called Dumbo. But now. I just don’t give a damn and I love my ears, earringless and all.
  • I just finished a book called Sugar Daddy and I’m about to start Blue Eyed Devil. If that doesn’t scream chic lit I don’t know what else would. But I don’t care anymore, the book can sit face up in my passenger seat now.
  • I hate driving and I’m horrible at parking. So much so that I try to not drive anyone around if I can avoid it. I know it’s lame and mean but I’m so embarassed at my horrible skills that I just get nervous and with that I am no longer embarassed, I’m saying it loud and proud. I suck at parking.
  • I allow pictures like this to stay tagged and up on Facebook. Clearly I have no shame and I won’t be embarrassed.

I know there are probably more embarrassing things that I just need to own up to but I can’t think of anything at the moment. So yes this is me not being embarrassed.

What about you? Anything you need to stop being embarrassed about.

happy weekend!

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