It’s good to have goals.

by katelin on January 6, 2010

So last year, for the first time ever, I made resolutions er goals eh both. And looking back on them I actually accomplished something and I did almost every single one of them. I made myself look back at my resolutions in June and surprisingly I was right on track to be where I am now.

I have definitely loosened up in my worrying (yes I still worry every now and then but I’m trying to keep my ‘whatever is meant to be is meant to be‘ sort of attitude); I met more bloggers last year than I could have ever imagined and I can’t wait to meet even more this year and re-meet ones I already know; I surpassed my goal of 25 books (which is a whole post for itself, wahoo); Now I’m not a baking master just yet but I attempted more recipes last year than I ever had in my life and I’ll be trying just as many if not more this year; As for two vacations with Matt, I’d say we did more than that and they were all loverly.

With such a successful 2009 under my belt, I figure why not try it again and see what I can do in 2010. So here we go…

1. Don’t let wedding planning take over my life. Obviously yes it will take up a lot of my time but I don’t want it to be my be all end all and take over every aspect of my life and my relationship with Matt and friends and family. Basically I don’t want to ever ever hate my wedding.
1.a. listen to ideas and opinions but know I don’t have to accept or acknowledge them all. I have a feeling this will also help my sanity.
1.b. don’t forget Matt. As in kiss him a lot and listen to his ideas and opinions, it’s his wedding too!

2. Blog because I want to and not because I have to. Sometimes I feel like I post the most random stuff that no one would care about (not even me) yet I still hit publish. But after my mini break I realized it’s okay if I don’t post every day, I’ll live, the internet will still be there and I’ll have plenty of other blogs to read for inspiration.

3. Become a baking master. I just want to be awesome in the kitchen and the only way I’ll get there is to keep on trying.

4. Send snail mail. I used to love getting mail (hell I still do) and I know other people do too! So my goal is to send at least one thing snail mail to someone I know once a month at least.

5. Get fit. Hello half marathon and wedding dress and honeymoon. This means no more frosting on a spoon, popcorn every night, utilizing my awesome Wii Fit and smaller portions dag nabbit.

6. Read 40 books. It’s a little ambitious with everything else going on this year but I think I can do it.

7. Bloggers. Hang out with them. Um I think that says it all. Some bloggers are now some of my favorite people to drink wine with so yeah let’s keep doing that and if I haven’t met you yet, let’s change that.
7.a. Non-blogging friends. Hang out with them too. Because I love all my friends, even if they make fun of me for wearing my “Born to Blog” t-shirt, haha.

8. Have fun. I know this year is going to be all sorts of awesome and I just want to have as much fun as I can. So bring it fun, I’m so ready for you.

And that my friends are my resolutions for 2010, not too shabby I’d say. Did you make any?

happy wednesday!

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