A most wonderful Christmas.

How is Christmas over already? I mean really, it never lasts long enough but it’s always fun while it’s here and this year was no different. It was definitely a fabulous Christmas weekend…

Wednesday: Some friends of mine and their parents hosted a holiday party to get together some of our high school friends and it was lovely. Seriously it was great to see so many of my friends and just hang out and drink and have fun catching up.

Megan, JoAnn and me. Heart these girls.

aw Steve and Karen, heart them.

Matt and Steve lookin good.

Thursday: Spent most of Christmas Eve relaxing and hanging out before heading to Matt’s mom’s house for a bit. Eventually I went over to my parent’s house for dinner with the fam which was nice and tasty and a little chaotic as always. After dinner I came home and watched It’s a Wonderful Life, had some wine and relaxed until Matt came home, twas all sorts of loverly.

Friday: Christmas!! I seriously love Christmas, I was like a little kid. Matt and I did our own Christmas together before heading to my parents for breakfast. We opened some presents…these two being the absolute best, haha.

Yes, I got my dad a Snuggie well a Slanky
but still, just as awesome and it has a pocket!

using it to its full potential, haha.

my brother with his new karate shirt, LOVE it.

After breakfast and presents the rest of the day went something like this. Matt’s dad’s house for more brunch and presents, back to my parent’s for more presents and games, our place to change and drop off gifts, my aunt and uncle’s house for gift exchange and dessert where my cousins and I took these lovely pictures similar to last year

such good lookin cousins.

and such silly cousins.

then we made our way to Michaela’s house for dinner and more gifts and more awesomeness, then back to our place to change and drop off presents before walking over to the bar nearby to hang out with the cousins again, aka craziness.

I’m pretty sure we had a lot to drink, haha.

Love how my sister got her hand
in there under Matt’s chin, haha.

Basically it was one hell of a busy Christmas but I wouldn’t have changed any of it at all. Oh, oh and how could I forget?! Three of my favorite gifts that make me sound like such a domesticated adult….two new aprons (one of which was from my Etsy wishlist, thank you sister!), a coupon holder and some money towards my weddng dress from Santa, haha.

ice cream and wine aprons.
two of my favorite things!

so so cute!

this was too darn cute,
gotta love Santa.

Saturday: Spent most of the day putting away all our new Christmas gifts and organizing and having fun and hooking up our new DVD Blu Ray player, woo. The rest of the day consisted of lunch with some friends and dinner at my parent’s house and rounding out the night with a marathon of The Mentalist (one of the best presents Matt got, looove this show) and some wine drinking, aka awesomeness.

Sunday: Oh what a lovely day. Walked in the morning before heading to Michael’s to do get some wedding inspiration and then came home to a day of watching Rent and some more weddingness before and evening of spaghetti, hanging out with Matt and another Mentalist marathon (seriously love that show!).

And what made Sunday even better was the fact that I didn’t have work today and I don’t have work all week! Yes I know it’s crazy and it’s awesome. So with that I apologize now if I’m not making my rounds on the blogs or even writing as much, I’m trying to take a computer break if I can.

But do tell, how was your Christmas or weekend or both? Hope your holidays are all sorts of fabulous so far!

happy monday!