Cupcakes and Wedding Dresses!

So I had another weekend that was anything but relaxing and all sorts of exciting, so here we go!

Friday: With no real set plans I finally convinced Matt to see The Blind Side and I am so glad I did. I LOVED it. Seriously LOVED it. It’s no secret that I love Sandra Bullock but I love her even more after this role. I wasn’t so sure about the blond hair and accent but she totally pulled it off and the movie overall was just amazing, I highly recommend you check it out. After the movie we enjoyed the rest of the night at home and out of the rain, twas loverly.

Saturday: Courtesy of the fabulous Tara I was invited to go to the “Best Of” LA Cupcakes Tour sponsored by GM (Thank you GM!!). Despite the rain it was a lot of fun to meet some new people, go to some new (well new to me) cupcake places in LA and just have fun.

the whole group getting ready to head out.
*and yes I’m rocking
the coat, woo.

Eventually we were on our way and I got to ride in the sweet Bumblebee camaro to our first stop, Crumbs. I didn’t get to stay at Crumbs too long but I did get the Artie Lang cupcake and ohmygod it was one of my favorites, so freaking delicious and I don’t even know what was in it besides chocolate and vanilla and more chocolate. After Crumbs we all walked down the street to Sprinkles. I had a red velvet cupcake there and it too was quite delicious.

the inside of Crumbs courtesy of Tara. seriously do you not just drool looking at that??YUM!

although I didn’t get the whole title in,
the store did look quite cute and as popular as I’d heard.

After hanging outside of Sprinkles our drivers picked us up in Chevy Equinoxs (another schnazzy vehicle if I do say so myself) and we were off to SusieCakes which was seriously one of the cutest shops of the day. They had so much holiday stuff up and they were just cute all around.

I want this sign!

seriously how cute is that?

At this shop I had a gingerbread cupcake which was pretty dang good, I’m not always a huge gingerbread fan but it was delicious! After SusieCakes we were off to our final shop of the day, Vanilla Bake Shop. I had a key lime cupcake there that I actually didn’t have a lot of it but I liked it and Matt ate the rest of it when I got home and he was a fan.

So after the four shops it’s easy to say we were all in a sugar coma, haha. But it was so fun meeting everyone and we even got sweet gift bags when it was all done (seriously thank you Tara and GM!!). And how can you not love a day of cupcakes??

After my day-o-cupcakes I was off to try on wedding dresses (appropriate right?) with my mom, sister and one of my maid of honors, Megan. It was SO MUCH FUN! It hit me even more that ohmygodimgettingmarried and I loved it. It was great to have my mom and sister and Megan there and I tried on dresses I thought I’d like, a dress there was no way I’d wear it and a couple other cute ones in between. Eventually after trying on several dresses and discussing it with everyone and myself and looking in the mirror a bagillion times….

I FOUND A DRESS! Wait, wait. Scratch that. I FOUND THE DRESS!! Wait, wait again. Let’s just sum it up right.


Yeah I didn’t think I’d buy my dress at the first shop I went to, but I loved it, we all did. I look elegant and sexy and it’s simple and it’s not too much and it’s perfect for a rooftop and it’s ME! It’s so not a dress I would have thought I could pull off but I have to admit, I felt amazing in it (even if it was too small, haha) and I can’t wait until my dress comes in. Oh, oh and another fun fact about my dress aka about the only fact I’ll be sharing to anyone outside of the wedding party, it’ll be coming in from Spain. I mean really how cool does that sound? Haha.

So it’s even more official kids, we’ve got a date, a location, a caterer and now I have my DRESS. This wedding is finally coming together and I couldn’t be happier.

Sunday: Well now that I have a dress it’s time to get my butt in gear, so of course I worked out on the Wii Fit for a good part of the morning. Other than that I was productive cleaning and organizing and saying ‘ohmygod I have a dress,’ haha. Eventually headed over to my friend’s parent’s house for their annual Holiday cookie decorating party with my family which was quite the fun time as always. Lots of great food, fun conversations and a good time all around.

And that my friends was my weekend. Cupcakes and Wedding dresses for the win! Now I just have to not watch Say Yes to the Dress ever again, haha I kid of course I’ll still watch that show but I won’t doubt my dress one bit because it is MINE :)

happy monday!