My dearest coat.

From the minute I saw you on the rack at Old Navy I knew I had to have you. Your greenness just called to me! I held you, I put you back on the rack, five minutes later I was holding you again contemplating just buying you then instead of putting you on a Christmas list. I just had to have you. I mean really you were just taunting me really.

I mean you just scream EAST COAST WINTER MUST HAVE! and I love east coast winter fashion (I swear I own more cute coats now than I ever did in my four years in Ohio, it’s ridiculous).

So yes after thirty minutes of convincing myself I should own you (and after I bought stuff for other people to make myself feel better) I walked on up to the checkout and said “Merry Christmas to ME!” because you were all mine and you are glorious!

So coat, thank you for being so green and fabulous and awesome and ah! I really love you.

A girl with a mild coat obsession that could partially be blamed on Style Savvy and partially blamed on the fact that coats are awesome and when it’s below 50 in LA it’s CHILLY and coats need scarves and scarves are awesome too.

happy weekend!

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