This. Is. Hollywood.

Hello Tuesday and your Hollywoodness how are you today?

  • Starting off this week’s cuteness we have the oh so adorable Ava Jackman. Seriously I hope my future kids are just as silly and cute as she is because I freaking love this picture of her.

    so cute!

  • Also super cute is Nahla Aubrey. Seriously with parents as good looking as hers it’s no wonder she’s so darn precious.


  • Also in bebe news, Judy Reyes aka Carla from Scrubs just had her first baby, Leila Rey, and Amy Adams (Giselle!) is pregnant with her first baby, seriously she will be such a cute mom I cannot wait.
  • Also going on in Hollywood…Carrie Underwood channels her inner Dolly Parton…Katherine Heigl’s foundation saved 25 chihuahuas….Victoria Beckham and her kids like pirates too! Who’d a thought?…Rihanna reveals the new “slut dress“…..and although everyone was raving about Brad and Angelina at the Invictus premiere, I personally think Matt and Luciana are divine.

    heart them.

  • In Twilight news…
    There are talks of making Breaking Dawn into two movies and to have Chris Weitz direct. Say what?

    Also in Twilight news, Taylor Lautner is still seventeen and still looking good (man I sound like a pedophile) but really, super cute.

    so suave.

  • And in movie news…
    One of my faves, Jame Van Der Beek is in a new Holiday movie on the Hallmark Channel. If only Dawson was directing it then it would be a guaranteed hit!

    Celebrating it’s twentieth anniversary, Empire Magazine did a pretty cool photo shoot reenacting some famous movie characters and it’s pretty great.


    this. is. Sparta!

  • And in TV news….
    The Hollywood Reporter came out with a list of the Top 10 most watched episodes from shows of the past decade and I can say that I saw 8 of them when they originally aired, haha. Why yes I have always been a TV addict and I love it.

    Glee. Love this show. Love the song they sang while dancing on mattresses. Love that Shue finally knows about his wife’s fake pregnancy because it was just getting annoying and ridiculous. LOVE that Idina Menzel wants to guest star and possibly be Rachel’s birth mom, LOOOOVE.

    Brothers and Sisters. Oh man I felt so bad for Justin he was just so scared and nervous to get married and have a baby, but at least he still wanted to get married in the end and they almost did until Kitty collapsed, oh right she COLLAPSED! Ah! On top of it I have a feeling Nora’s new boyfriend ran off with the huge check she just wrote for his foundation, seriously how much money does that woman have?! On top of it all Tommy was back and Elizabeth is precious and I’m glad Julia let her go to the wedding and yeah, wonderousness.

    Scrubs. Did you watch the new season? Did you know that one of the guys on it is James Franco’s younger brother? I did not. Crazy pants. And the show was actually pretty funny, hopefully it stays that way.

    The Jersey Shore. Have you watched this gem?!?! It’s ridiculous. However Dlisted and Julie sum it up best. If you’re into trash, this is the show to watch.

    Desperate Housewives. As always check out my review over at BSC Review.

  • Lastly in WTF news…Apparently Family Ties is just making a comeback in the news. First Meredith Baxter comes out as a lesbian and is writing a book about it, now the baby of the show Brian Bonsall has been arrested for hitting his best friend with a barstool. Yeah and in his mugshot he definitely looks like someone who would throw barstools, haha.

Anything I missed? Tiger related – I don’t really care about it so I’m not posting it, anything else and we’re money.

happy tuesday!