My Etsy wishlist.

As I’ve mentioned before I love Etsy, I love it a lot. However, not until recently did I actually purchase something for myself from Etsy and now there is just so much I want I can barely contain myself. So without further adieu here’s my Christmas Etsy wishlist:

  • Keep Calm and Carry On” print. I just love the simplicity in the message of this print and I actually bought it for a friend but I wouldn’t mind owning it for myself either, I could use this reminder every once and a while.

  • A Vintage inspired ice cream sundae apron. Um say what? Can I please have this!? Since I’ve been trying my fair share of baking and cooking I feel like I need my own apron to make it official and this one is just uber cute.

  • Love magnets. Seriously everything in Kerri’s shop is fabulous but I just want these, my fridge needs magnets and these are adorable.

  • Bubbles necklace. Yes I did just buy this necklace from this shop but man I could wear almost all of the jewelry in this shop, they’re just so fun and cute and love them all.

  • Business Sortie Clutch-Brown clutch. Seriously this purse is so chic. I’m not really even much of a clutch person (I think I own one?) but this one is just ahhh and I want it!

Seriously, Etsy has some of the cutest things ever, I love it and want it all. My wallet, not so much but whatever. And what’s on your Etsy wishlist?

happy thursday!