My blog is like Beyonce.

by katelin on November 19, 2009

On Monday I had this revelation. My blog is actually quite similar to Beyonce. How do you ask? Let me share.

  • Beyonce goes by both Beyonce and Sasha Fierce. My blog goes by both gorgeous footsteps in the sand… and pretty sandy feet, obviously they both have identity issues.
  • Beyonce was once part of a group, Destiny’s Child, until she decided to make it big with a solo career. My blogging was once part a group effort until I left (and everyone else left too) our group blog to start this here blog up and have been loving the solo life ever since.
  • Clearly my blog likes the beach, every layout/header I’ve ever head is beach/sand related (obviously). Beyonce frequently goes to St. Tropez and other exotic beaches on a quite regular basis.

    Beyonce has sandy feet too, haha.

  • My blog and Beyonce are both fans of Taylor Swift. Clearly.
  • And last but not least, both Beyonce and my blog are FIERCE divas. Yeah I said it. My blog can be a diva sometimes and I’m guessing Beyonce can too. But that’s what makes us awesome.

And with that, my blog is like Beyonce. Ta da!

happy thursday!

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