A New Moon giveaway!

I swear my blog isn’t becoming the new Twilight Addicts Anonymous location…well because I am so not Anonymous…ba dum ching! But really, I know there’s been a lot of Twilight around here and well it’s my blog so I’m okay with that.

And in the spirit of New Moon coming out in a week I figured why not give away the soundtrack, since I was so graciously given one at the press junket and I already owned a copy.

And I gotta say, even if you’re not a Twilight fan, this soundtrack is pretty good. It definitely makes me feel all indie/emo/in-the-know when I listen to it which is fun and I figure Rob is probably listening to similar stuff which is even cooler, haha.

And just for funsies here’s the tracklist:

“Meet Me on the Equinox” – Death Cab For Cutie
“Friends” – Band of Skulls
“Hearing Damage” – Thom Yorke
“Possibility” – Lykke Li
“A White Demon Love Song” – The Killers
“Satelite Heart” – Anya Maria
“I Belong to You [New Moon remix” – Muse *my favorite track
“Roslyn” – Bon Iver and St. Vincent
“Done All Wrong” – Black Motorcycle Rebel Club
“Monsters” – Hurricane Bells
“The Violet Hour” – Sea Wolf
“Shooting the Moon” – Ok Go
“Slow Life” – Grizzly Bear
“No Sound But the Wind” – Editors
“New Moon [the Meadow]” – Alexandre Desplat

So what do you do to win this New Moon gem? Leave a comment with what your emo band name would be? And for an extra entry, tweet away and leave a new comment with your tweet.

The giveaway ends next Friday, November 20th when New Moon hits the big screen, woo!

happy friday!

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