Still top secret.

by katelin on November 9, 2009

Just stepping in to say I have a post all ready to go about my top secret weekend but I have to wait for official word to put it up. Trust me I’m ready to scream it from every online outlet I have and I’ve told as many people as are willing to listen, haha.

So hopefully it’ll go up today or just soon because it’s driving me crazy not to share!

And I would post something else to make up for nothing but nothing is as awesome as what I can share!

So tell me how your weekend was?

happy monday!

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  • Chrissy

    My daughters and I hit the Santa Monica Civic Contemporary Art show this weekend. Came home w/a cool windchime, silver cuff bracelet, also saw an artist we hadn't seen in a while and had lunch at Bread and Porridge!. Relaxing weekend.

  • Kay*

    seriously, i'm too inpatient to wait any longer. i NEED to know what happened?!?!?!??!?!?my weekend was pretty good. my sisters boyfriend and i threw her a surprise bday dinner she was CLUELESS about. she almost cried when everyone jumped out and yelled surprise. it was awesome.

  • Julie Q

    lol just wanted to let you know your blog was the first thing i typed into my browser this morning when i got to work :)

  • Doniree

    omgomgomgomgomgomg. yes. hurry up already.

  • Matt

    wtf? put it up already!!!!!you cant tease us like this on a Monday!

  • Anonymous

    still waiting for the deets!j$

  • amanda

    ah. come on. spill it already, katelin!

  • Luna Moon

    So did you elope? Or meet an awesome celebrity? That's the only two things I can think of.

  • Gemini

    Sucha tease ;-) My weekend was good and crazy (its on the blog as usual)!

  • Hillary

    dude, you are killing me

  • jenniferalaine

    DYINGGGG over here! can't wait to hear :)

  • Bayjb

    Weekend was good, sent some texts to a blogger friend in LA :) Got lost in the burbs. Solid weekend.

  • Anonymous

    *teehee i know waht it is!!!!!

  • alexa – cleveland’s a plum


  • ria

    the suspense is killing me!

  • Classy in Philadelphia

    SPILL! :)

  • Allison M.

    no. I want to hear what the hell happened!

  • Nanette


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