The want list.

by katelin on November 4, 2009

Usually I’d say a wish list or something along those lines, but I’m feeling a bit greedy lately and these are some of the things I currently want. If you can contribute in any way you know my email.

  • An amazing wedding location to magically appear and be uber affordable and amazing and perfect to be open on the date we want and to book it, soon.
  • Joshua Jackson to make a surprise appearance at tonight’s Dawson’s Creek event. I’m not really holding my breath but I want him to be there. Two encounters in one year would be freaking amazing!
  • To eat as much macaroni and cheese as I want and lose weight. Yes I want that and one day it’ll happen (and no vomiting will not be included in that plan, haha).
  • Rob Pattinson to release a CD. I mean “Never Think” is amazing and I swoon every time. So yes Rob I want you to release a CD, thanks.

  • To function on less sleep so I can actually get up and work out and stay up late reading.
  • Entertainment Weekly to see my blog and love me and ask me to interview celebrities and write movie reviews.
  • Matt’s back to be better.
  • A house. With lots of space. So I can decorate. And have parties. And be awesome.
  • A fabulous dark purple dress.
  • To sing and dance like a pro so I can guest star on Glee.
  • To go to another amazing Wii Fit Plus party with some of my favorite bloggers.

And what’s on your ‘want list’ these days?

happy wednesday!

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