Windy Woes.

Dear wind,

yes this is how I picture you right now,
evil eyes and all.

Please stop being so windy.

Yeah I said it, I’m over your windyness. I don’t have a kite so I have no need for your massive winds. My allergies are not a fan and I can’t stop sneezing. And on top of it, on Tuesday night when I was walking with my mom your super windness picked up and hurled some sort of dirt or twig or I don’t know what it was but it freaking hurt, into my left eye. And it didn’t come out! It stayed in my eye all night causing me pain and frustration and I cried (because I’m a wimp) and Matt had to help me put in eye drops (because again I am a wimp) to try and get it out and sadly nothing worked. So I slept with weird wind crap in my eye all night.

So yesterday morning I had to go to the doctor so she could flash bright lights into my eyes and get that piece of whatever out from under my eyelid, my eyelid! And then she proceeded to douse my eyes with drops like they were on fire, yeah that was fun. Even better she told me to keep putting drops in and hopefully my eye doesn’t flame up from infection from a possible cut on my cornea (um say what?). So yeah wind, I blame you for that and I’ll be sending you my bill if I need surgery or anything else.

So wind, you hear me alright? I am not a fan. Stop windying already, I’m over it. Or at least keep the flying particles to a minimum, my eyes can’t handle any more.

the girl who doesn’t like eye drops

pps. It is funny though that I am currently reading The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, haha.

happy thursday!

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