The offline blogworld.

So I’ve been thinking lately (crazy right? haha) about how much blogging and bloggers have infiltrated into my real life. And it’s not even just me, kay even told me yesterday how I popped into her dreams and we haven’t even met, haha! But then I realized how much it really happens in my every day life. Examples…

  • Whenever Tyra says “smile with your eyes” or “smize” I think of Jamie and how she used to post Top Model recaps and how every time we see each other we joke about being fierce or prepping for Tyra.
  • Whenever I hear a Kelly Clarkson song I automatically think of Ben and his love for her.
  • Whenever I hear some BSB related story I think of Deutlich because she’s a true super fan.
  • Whenever I see a big fountain I have the urge to jump in it and can only think of the ladies in Vegas.
  • Whenever I hear “Hey Soul Sister” I think of Renee. And her infamous super awesome 20SB video blog.
  • Whenever I see a story about Jim…er John Krasinski I think of his second wife-to-be, Jess.
  • Whenever someone tells me they have a cat I tell about LiLu‘s cat’s hilarious pee story. Seriously I laugh every time I tell it.
  • Whenever I want macaroni and cheese I would prefer Nicole make it for me because hers is amazing.

And that’s just a few of them….

Basically bloggers, you’re taking over my life! And I’m okay with that :)

Just know that you’re all awesome and I love that I think of you when I haven’t even met most of you before. That’s just how superb you are, woo!

Do you think about bloggers at random times when you’re not online?

happy thursday!