Oh what a loverly weekend.

Monday? Really? Already. Okay then. And weekend recap and go.

Friday: Had dinner with Matt at home, caught up on some TV for a bit. Drank a lot of wine to forget about the wedding mishap earlier in the day. Yeah I only had two wedding things planned and now one is unplanned for the time being. We no longer have a wedding location/date. Long story but we hopefully may get it back, fingers crossed. Anyhoo afterwards some friends came over, we played Scene It Squabble, drank more wine, had some laughs and an all around good time. Loverly.

Saturday: Slept in, thank goodness. Ran some errands then went to Matt’s dad’s house to watch the USC/Notre Dame game. I almost had a heart attack cheering on USC but it was some fun rivalry since Matt’s a big Notre Dame fan. After the game Matt and I had a date night. It was so nice to be just the two of us and man dinner was tasty. We went to this place called Vertical in Old Town and it was quite the classy joint. But it was fun just to be together.

one of my fave pics from
last weekend’s wedding

After our date night we met up with our newlywed friends Gianni and Laura for some fondueness (um delish!) and fun times. Eventually we made our way home to play some Wii and relax a bit and head to bed, all in all a wonderous Saturday night.

Sunday: Slept in again (thank goodness) before heading to lunch for my grandma’s 97th birthday (yeah you read that right, my grandma is a champ!). Then spent the rest of my day napping, walking with my mom and hanging out with Matt. Basically another loverly night.

and how was your weekend?

happy monday!