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by katelin on October 15, 2009

Since I had Monday off I decided I wanted to cook something fun. I went through a ton of Real Simple recipes I’d kept around until I found one I really wanted to try. And what was the winner you ask? Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower. Sounds delicious right? Yeah well it was. Here’s what the magazine says it should look like:

And this is what it turned out to be:

Not too bad actually. It was pretty delicious I gotta say. It wasn’t too hard to make, the cauliflower added some healthiness to it and some unexpected bites which was fun. I’d definitely recommend this recipe to anyone who loves some cheesiness.

Matt and I also added some chicken to have on the side/mix in with it and it was a great addition.

So yeah basically this post is just all about how I only slightly burned a pan, made a delicious meal, and am obsessed with everything mac and cheese. So props to me, the chef in making! Wahoo!

Any cooking accomplishments for you lately?

happy thursday!

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  • OHN

    Mac and cheese makes everything right in the world :)Hey, that's an idea. Maybe we need to get all the world leaders together for a good mac and cheese dinner ;)

  • MH

    Hey, where's the recipe??? :o)mac and cheese, cauliflower, chicken… i'm hungry!!

  • Rachel

    Yeah mine never turn out the way it says in the magazine… except that time I made the pizza… SO good and SO good looking.

  • momcat

    No two mac n cheese dishes taste the same. My mom layers the top of hers with sliced tomato. I put in a small amount of cubed potato which I cook with the macaroni before I put the dish together. We had it last night with bacon bits added. My kids would kill me if I added cauliflower because they are not big veg. fans!

  • San

    Recipes NEVER turn out (visually) like the picture in the cookbook, but as long as it was tasty, it's all good ;)

  • jamie

    It looks so good! But I don't know how I feel about cauliflower.I want mac and cheese now!

  • We Are Not Martha

    This looks awesome!! I love how you made your mac and cheese healthier… I just made one with bacon. Haha :)Sues

  • nory

    Yum. I don't like cauliflower so maybe I'd add some broccoli. I definitely love broccoli + chicken + cheesy pasta though! Is there a website link for the recipe perhaps? =)

  • ria

    that looks like heaven in a dish…mmmmmmmm

  • Kay*

    i've been cooking a LOT lately and find i really enjoyh it.we just had thanksgiving this past week & I hosted – so I made a lot of the food. i found a DELICIOUS roast chicken recepie I'll be blogging next week and I also made martha's classic mac & cheese which was yummy too.

  • d

    YUMMERS! Jeez louise that looks amazing.

  • Mandy

    Sounds delicious!

  • Kate

    Mm… mac n cheese!

  • thatShortChick

    oooh that looks so yummy…I love a good mac&cheese recipe.

  • Playful Professional

    All sorts of yummy chef successes lately, but I just watched Giada's Everyday Italian and want to cook all night!

  • Erin

    We make this all the time! I love this recipe. So yummy!

  • Bayjb

    sweet crap I love mac and cheese. Cauliflower though, that is making me doubt but I trust you

  • Julie Q

    Melted Cheese can be turned into a gor-jas post any day of the week!! job well done. i'm already hungry again

  • nicoleantoinette

    I'm going to pretend you DIDN'T put cauliflower in mac & cheese.Sigh. Have I taught you NOTHING??

  • Andrea

    I heart mac and cheeeeese.I'm making veggie lasagna for the first time ever Sunday for a friend's engagement party. Wish me luck!

  • Karine

    Your mac and cheese sounds delicious. I love the addition of the cauliflower in them :)

  • *~Dani~*

    that looks pretty darn good missy!

  • walkingonsunshine18

    mmm it looks SO good! :)

  • Andhari

    YUMMMYYY :) I want mac n cheese :)

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