Oh what a Blu giveaway!

Oh yes, you read that right folks a giveaway! No real reason why, just felt like it was time for a giveaway. So what’s today’s prize you ask?

Season 1 of Fringe on BluRay!!

Basically, I love this show. Joshua Jackson is the reason I started watching and really, can you blame me??

check you out Peter Bishop being all scientist like.

oh hello there Josh.

And so you should be watching it to. It’s interesting, it’s captivating, it’s a little crazy at times and definitely has some humor in it too. Sadly I haven’t really been watching as much this season because my DVR can only handle so many shows, but they’re all saved and ready at Matt’s mom’s house, so know I will be watching and probably loving it!

So what do you have to do for the giveaway?

Tell me your favorite Joshua Jackson role (I mean really, there are so many to choose from, haha).

And for an extra entry become a fan of Warner Blu on Facebook, woo!

Anyhoo that’s all you gotta do. The giveaway ends a week from today, 10/15, and I’ll be picking a winner at random. So pass it on and good luck!

happy thursday!