Another fabulous wedding for the weekend.

First of all, thank you to my fabulous guest bloggers, I loved your posts. Seriously Lacey and Ev’Yan, so much sweetness in those posts I just loved it! And thank you.

Okay, on to the weekend. It may be a long one but there are plenty of pictures so that’s fun right? :)

Thursday: Flew out early. My cousin Bryan picked us up and after checking into our hotel we went out to dinner which was fun, had a good time. Eventually we went back to the hotel where my bff Jen was waiting for us! Yay! Afterwards Virginia (the bride to be) and Liz stopped by to come say hi too. We drank wine, did some toasting, and catching up and it was awesome.

Friday: Woke up earlyish and went with the ladies to their manicures and hang out. It was nice to be in such a small group before the wedding hoopla began. After manicures we were off to the airport to pick up the rest of our friends!

Basically the rest of the day was a blur of giggles and drinks and fun before heading off to Granville. We made a detour in town and stopped at our alma mater, Denison to show the guys around and stop by the book store (definitely have some new sweats, thank you Matt). I love my campus. It was so amazing to stop back by I just miss it so much.

After our quick Denison trip we headed on over to the rehearsal. The non-bridesmaids definitely had a good time at the rehearsal seeing as to how we couldn’t stop laughing for a good ten minutes. One of my best lines was “Why is Jesus on a rainbow?”, haha. It was slightly ridiculous but oh so awesome.

After the rehearsal we made our way back to Columbus for the rehearsal dinner. There was wine and cheese and more wine and delicious food and great company and lots more laughs and toasts and more toasts and so much happiness.

Alli, Virginia, Zoe and me at the rehearsal dinner
oh and I totally kept dress 2, it was just too cute not to
and perfect for the rehearsal, haha.

the future Mr. and Mrs. checking out their new gift.

After the rehearsal dinner we all headed back to our hotel to rest up and relax for the big day.

Saturday: Before the wedding the non-wedding party crew headed to TGIFridays for some lunch and drinks. Eventually it was wedding time and Virginia was getting married!!

exchanging the rings! yay!

After the ceremony it was reception time (well technically it was a drive, some hotel relaxing and a cab ride but that’s besides the point)! I won’t even try and talk about it all let’s just share some pictures shall we?

the super cute place card holders, loved it!

the eight great! heart us! heart the bride! :)

the Matt’s being quite the gentlemen
and holding our drinks.

Linds and Kathleen rocking the tambourines.

their beautiful first dance.

oh good times, good times.

the entire DU crew, woo.

ohmygosh we’re next!

the Price is Right kids together again.

aw aren’t they just so cute and happy,

Matt and Alli grooving it.

at the end of the night Kathleen and I
reenacting the Ally and Noah scene.
heart us.

I was so sad for the wedding to be over, I had way too much fun (yeah I was probably…okay definitely in fine form by the end of it) and an all around great time. So we hailed a cab and the party continued back in our hotel room.

However the party was basically singing along to “Orbital Bebop”, jumping on the bed and each other and laughing to the point of tears (well mainly just me, haha). Oh and Matt was there to laugh at the entire thing, haha.

before the craziness, well sort of, haha.

oh so many laughs and good times.
heart these ladies.

Sunday: The day went something like this. Wake up. Headache. Back to sleep. Wake up to realize I told everyone to meet at 10 and don’t remember it. Showered. Super packed. Made our way to a post-wedding brunch. Hung out with everyone. Sadly sad goodbye to some of the ladies. Grabbed pizza with Matt, Liz and Lindsay. Hung out a bit. Bryan came over. Laughed some more. Watched some Criss Angel (why I do not know). Watched some football. Laughed a lot more. Wished the newlyweds a great honeymoon. Said our goodbyes. Headed to the airport. Sad to leave. Planes with Matt. Made it home. Sleep oh glorious sleep. Miss my friends some more.

And that my friends was my weddingful weekend.

happy tuesday!