Engaging questioning during your engagement!!

Hello Katelin’s freaders!! I’m Lacey Bean, from Perks of Being a JAP, and the lovely Katelin has asked me to guest blog while she’s dancing up a storm at yet ANOTHER wedding. Seriously girl, how many friends do you and Matt have?? Anywho, she asked me to guest blog while she’s in O-HI-O, and specifically, to chat about life before “I Do.” So, with T-6 months until my wedding (HOLYCRAP) here I am!! I figured I wouldn’t give tips about being engaged, because really, everyone’s different, and who the hell am I to give tips? So instead, I’m going to let you know all of the repetitive questions that I’ve been asked whilst engaged. 10 bucks if you’re engaged/already married, you’ve been asked them too!

Are you changing your last name when you get married? As much as I’m all for WOMEN POWER! RAH!! Yes, I am changing my last name. With this one thing I am very traditional. My mom kept her maiden name, and while I grew up with it, so I was used to it, it’s kind of a pain explaining to people that her last name is different, she chose to keep it, etc. While I’ll miss my last name, and am a little sad because I am the last one (there are no males left besides my dad to carry it on), I am excited to take Dave’s (my future husband’s) last name. Also, its MUCH easier to spell than mine! WIN!! And no, I won’t hyphenate to keep my last name. Too much trouble.

Are you going to move into a house after the wedding? Like, the day after? No. Hopefully a few short years after? Yes. I love that people think we’re automatically set to move out of our apartment and into a house just because we’re becoming a married set. Do you think that once you get a marriage licence, they hand you keys to a new house too? Doesn’t work like that, sorry!! So eventually, yes, we will be getting a house. But right now? No.

Are you going to be a Bridezilla? First of all, even if I was going to become a bridezilla, would I admit to it? :) And no, I am not a bridezilla. (And neither is Katelin, you Negative Nancys who called her one. Jerks.) I am probably too laid back as a bride-to-be, but I figure it comes with the territory when I plan events for a living!! Plus, my friends and parents and Dave would KILL ME if I became a bridezilla. Trust me, I would have no one left in my bridal party!!

Are you excited? No, I’m dreading it. Really? What kind of question is that??

When are you having kids? WHOA SIMMA DONNA!!! Can I get married first? Please? Plus I can barely take care of myself right now, let alone a small child. The fact that I can pay my own bills is still a source of amazement for me. Procreating will have to wait just a little bit.

OMG is everything different now? Different than what? And no. At least not for me. Yes, its exciting that we’re getting married and I can’t wait to be Dave’s wife and OMG why isn’t the wedding here now?!? But otherwise, we’re the same people that we were before he proposed, and we’ll continue to be the same people after we’re married. I mean, we were already living together, so the only different thing is the ring on my finger. For some people I can see it being a huge change, but for us, it’s just the natural progression of our life together.

What about you lovely people? Did you get the same questions over and over again when you were engaged? Any ones I didn’t cover? :)