Hello mish mash.

by katelin on September 25, 2009

Oh yes, it’s one of those days. And go.

  • I didn’t post yesterday because I was hopped up NyQuil and passed out at a decent hour. That and I couldn’t stop sneezing long enough to look at the computer screen let alone type.
  • I feel a little better (thank you Sudafed) and hope this season’s allergy attacks won’t last too long. Thank you for all of the well wishes.
  • Sometimes I get crabby when I’m sick and Matt becomes awesome. Not only did he clean everything he also made dinner. Seriously the boy has a bad back and still takes care of me, how did I get so lucky?
  • A year ago yesterday I met Ryan Gosling. How has it already been a year?? Oh but what a great year it has been.
  • Three months til Christmas! Oh man how did that happen?
  • I’m pretty sure I’d be amused playing with the busy ball popper….that almost sounds dirty.

  • I love my iphone.
  • It shouldn’t be 100 degrees today, that is just plain wrong.
  • This weekend has so many random plans going on including wine and Wii with Matt, taking my brother to the movies, hanging out with some girlfriends, dress shopping and other goodness in between. Basically awesomeness.

Anyhoozits how are you today?

happy friday!

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