Guerneville is the new hot spot.

Oh Monday why are you here already? I was enjoying my weekend in Guerneville and not quite ready to come home just yet. But I guess it’s time and man what a weekend it was.

Friday: Left earlyish with Matt, his dad and brother Brad on a flight to Oakland so we could make it to Matt’s family reunion in Guerneville, oh yes Guerneville. Once all of us were together in the airport (we had to wait for Matt’s brother Ryan) we rented a car and were on our way. Eventully we made it up to the cabin and I got to meet 140 of Matt’s family members, haha. I knew it was going to be a good weekend when I saw this in the garage:

oh what a lot of alcohol.

Basically this place was awesome. Matt’s great grandfather built a lodge where the family can get together and just have a great time.

so many trees around, it was gorgeous.

Matt, his dad, Brad and Ryan all hanging out.

Friday night we stayed up late, had some drinks, had some Mexican food and I got to meet a lot of family. Saturday was when it all happened.

Saturday: Slept in quite a bit which was nice. Then basically hung around the house, went to town (oh what a town it is), ate more food than I should of and got to know a lot of family. Oh and then some pictures were taken and the crazy night began.

Brad and his cousin kayaking by the house.

Matt doing a reading at mass.

the priest forgot his book so he used an iphone instead, love it.

Our small part of the huge family!
Brad, Ryan, Matt, me, Aunt Toni and Matt’s dad.
woo Team Burgundy!

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of all the trees.

obviously, haha.

me, Matt and Brad having a grand ole time.

Matt and his cousin Catherine hanging out.

oh man we were dancing all night.
thank you live band and lots of alcohol!

Charlie getting down to the music, haha.

Despite his back killing him,
Matt had to show everyone
how to do
a proper keg stand, haha.

All in all it was a great night with so many random stories that I can’t even post them, haha. Basically I love Matt’s family and I’m so glad to be marrying into that crazy bunch. But I think I’ll need to prep my liver a bit more for next time. I’m so sad it’s already over and hopefully we get to hang out with some more of Matt’s cousins soon!

Sunday: Slept in again (twas nice), got up to help Matt make breakfast for everyone. Then basically lounged around, watched some football, cleaned up a bit and said some goodbyes. And before I knew it (2 hours in a car, 4 hours in airports and planes) we were home again. Luckily I got to enjoy some quiet time with Matt at home and even watch the Emmy’s (oh yes that’s tomorrow’s post).

So how was your weekend?

happy monday!

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