Some woes and wows of Hollywood.

Oh goodness it’s Hollywood Tuesday alright and I’ve got plenty to share today, so grab your drinks and tissues now. And go!

  • This week’s first cute bebe we have a newcomer to the blog, little Birdie Leigh, the daughter of Busy Phillips aka Audrey on Dawson’s Creek. Seriously this picture is just so dang cute I had to share it.

    so cute.

  • Also in cute bebeness we have the oh so rockin Gwen Stefani and her look-a-like son Kingston. Seriously they are too much sometimes, but it’s so cute!

    so fauxbulous, haha.

  • Also in bebe news, in case you were living in a hole you saw that Nicole Richie had her baby boy last week and the name, oh the name. Sparrow James Midnight Madden. Oh goodness. That’s about all I can offer to that one. Oy.
  • Moving on from the bebes and onto some Hollywood sadness. Yesterday we lost an 80s icon, Patrick Swayze . lost his year long battle with cancer. Seriously this summer has been so sad, so many icons lost but it’s part of life. My thoughts and prayers go out to Swayze’s wife (who he’d been with for 34 years! That’s almost unheard of in Hollywood!)

    you will be missed.

  • In other random Hollywood news: Ed Westwick got some ugly tattoos over the weekend, Angelina is still a saint and does good work, a bunch of random celebs did the Malibu triathlon and Ryan Gosling’s band Dead Man’s Bones has kicked off their tour (I think?) and he looks mighty cute.
  • Twilight oh Twilight. I was originally going to post some pics from the set of Eclipse but um after last night that is just not possible. First of all, I’m convinced KStew saw my tweet last week because her hair didn’t look horrible! And she didn’t look horrible! She actually looked, dare I say it…. cute. Yeah she looked cute at the VMAs, I am officially impressed.

    um this picture is just HOT.

    So yes the stars looked dreamy but of course the highlight was the new extended trailer for New Moon. Did you see it? Did you squeal? Do you wish we could make time fly by super fast so November 20th would be here already? Did you say yes to all of the above? Then we can be super Twilight friends. The ladies of LTT had pretty much the same reaction I did and is it sad I knew what parts were making them gasp? Haha. And no I have no watched the trailer multiple times already, not at all. And just in case you need to see the trailer again I’m posting it, enjoy:

  • The VMAs. Well I’d say Twilight is a nice intro into the night of VMAs because it was by far my favorite part of the night. But what else did I think, let’s break it down shall we:
    • The Hills ladies were not looking their best, at all. It’s sad when Kristin looks the best and that’s not saying a whole lot.
    • The Michael Jackson tribute was one of the best that’s been put on so far. Madonna’s opening was touching but the best part came with all the dancing and the costumes. The dancers were Michael! And then Janet came and blew everyone away. Especially when she was dancing in sync to Michael and they took her out of the video, that was just awesome.
    • Kanye. Oh Kanye. Put the Hennessey away, step back from the mic and um let someone else have the spotlight every once and a while okay? And oh, yeah stop being a dbag.
    • How about they don’t have Russel Brand host next year? He wasn’t all that funny and eh nothing too special.
    • Oh hey Eminem, way to actually be sort of funny and not so angry.
    • Pink. Way to work it lady. Her performance was sort of amazing.
    • I have a new found respect for Beyonce. One for giving a kick ass performance, (but um I think Andy Samberg could have definitely helped with that one, haha) seriously she is Fierce (Sasha Fierce to be exact) and two for being so cordial and genuine by bringing Taylor Swift back up to finish her speech, seriously class act.

      and they both looked so good too!
      seriously lovin the red!

    • Lil Mama? We already had enough stage crashers for one night. Jay Z and Alicia Keys (who was look awesome by the way) were doing just fine before you decided to join the stage for no reason, I mean really not necessary.
    • Lady Gaga is crazy. We already knew this. And I gotta give her props for sticking with the craziness and ridiculousness.
    • Gerard Butler I have no idea what you were doing at the VMAs but I do not object at all.

      oh la la.

    Basically it was a pretty good show overall, better than past years for sure and I’m glad I DVRed it to watch instead because some of the speeches and randomness was nice to fast forward. (oh and I may have rewatched the opening and the New Moon trailer more than once, haha). And now I’m good to not watch any more award shows until oh wait…the Emmy’s are on Sunday, haha.

  • And in movie news….
    Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is officially a go! (woo?). I love those movies but I don’t know that a fourth movie is necessary, but let’s me honest I’ll be in theaters to watch it.

    Indiana Jones 5 is also a go. Umno thank you. Sorry Harrison, I like you and all but the last movie was a little too freaking weird for me.

  • And in TV news…
    Criminal Minds. Apparently Gavin Rossdale is an actor? He’s going to be guest starring on one of my favorite crime shows this season and I’m curious to see how he does.

    Desperate Housewives. In more sad Hollywood news, the Wisteria favorite, Mrs. McClusky (Kathryn Joosten) has lung cancer. She plans to keep on filming but there may be some story changes to accomodate her needs, but my prayers are with her, stay strong Kathryn, stay strong!

    Glee. Okay I gave in. And I sort of love it. Then again I am a sucker for all things musical and this show is no exception. The music, the plot lines, it’s just so awkwardly funny and musically entertaining. Thank goodness for Hulu because I think I’ll keep on watching.

    Top Model. Okay I feel like an idiot. I almost forgot that Top Model was back last week. Oh but I watched and oh did I laugh and shout and clap and say “ohmygooodness” no less than four times. Tyra is still crazy, I love the short girls, and I want Miss Jay to be my best friend, haha. But yeah not a whole lot to report except Tyra needs to never speak with a French accent ever and I love that they gave makeovers in the first episode.

  • Lastly for today’s WTF news we have a woman that makes Hugh Hefner and Anna Nicole look like normal people. Wook Kundor, a 107 Malaysian woman is looking to marry her 23rd husband. And the kicker is that she is technically still married to a 37 year old man but she’s afraid he may leave her soon. Um what the eff? So weird.

Anything I missed? What are your New Moon or VMA thoughts?

happy tuesday!