Friday is Shareday.

by katelin on September 11, 2009

So it’s Friday (yipeee!) and instead of a real post I figured a share post would suffice, so here’s what I have to share today:

  • Joshua Jackson is all sorts of adorable and hilarious and Pacey Whitteresque.
  • Which you already knew.
  • But this Fringe Season One gag reel just shows it even more, heart.

  • There might possibly be some big (well in my opinion at least) wedding related news to share next week. (insert squeeeeeeeeeeees)
  • Even though it was reported last October, it’s been officially confirmd that Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl are adopting a bebe!! I know I could have saved that for Tuesday but I’m just so excited to share. Even if Katherine is eh these days, I still heart Josh and I hope he sings to his bebe every day.
  • Matt and I are headed to San Diego this weekend to see some friends we haven’t seen in months and I am more than excited. I love San Diego and I love our friends, basically the weekend has so much potential for awesome. woo.

And do you have anything to share with the class today?

happy friday!

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