Back to school.

Well not quite, but sort of.

I was sitting around last night trying to figure out what to write and then it hit me.


In just about a month I’ll be back in Ohio to celebrate Virginia‘s wedding and I’ll be reunited with a good majority of my college friends. I’ll also even get to visit campus and all that jazz, so needless to say I’ve been taking some strolls down memory lane lately.

But then I realized what better way to stroll down some college memory lane than to show some pictures? Specifically Homecoming pictures. Homecoming was always my favorite, the weather was amazing (seriously October in Ohio, priceless), we rarely won the football game but it was still fun, there were plenty of awesome parties and countless good times.

And so I present some pictures of Homecoming past:

seriously, how can you not love Autumn?

I loved campus so much.

we all had so much school spirit!

but these guys had just a wee bit more.

all dolled up for the Gala.

the nurses party was one of the best that year,
and so were the tequila shots, haha.

all bundled up by the bonfire.

oh how I love these ladies.

What are some of your favorite Homecoming memories?

happy friday!