A cheese free week.

Am I crazy? Yes I think I am. The title of this post* is what I plan to do next week. Yes it sounds nuts and trust me, it is, but I think I can do it. And why do I even want to have a week without cheese oh glorious cheese….Project Bridesmaid.

My cousin’s wedding is coming up October 10th and I have a dress to fit into, a dress I fear may be snug (I’m too afraid to go to her house and try it on again and have it be snug and have to get it altered, I refuse to alter a dress I know I can fit). I’m also planning on cutting out sweets (that would be easier if people stopped bring treats to work) and reserving the wine drinking for the weekend only. If I notice a difference with this on top of walking with mom and somehow possibly maybe getting back into the Wii Fit then I may just make it a continuing project. Or at least a ‘have some self restraint project’ for a bit. Because honestly, cheese is my weakness. And I eat way too much of it.

So wish my luck, I know I will need it. And hopefully I don’t turn into a crazy person dreaming of mac and cheese and cheese and apples and pizza and ah! I’m salivating already just thinking about it all. But I can do it. I must do it. I will do it.

um that would be my heaven.

Anything you need to cut back? Any tips for me to trim some weight back? I’m all ears people.

*I have to give Matt credit it was his idea, but I officially said I’d do it. And go!

happy thursday!

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