Why I couldn’t be a criminal.

So I watch a lot of crime/cop shows, Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, CSI:, CSI: New York, Cold Case (sometimes), and Medium, yeah a lot. And I’ve come to realize that if I ever wanted to take up a life of crime, it just wouldn’t work it for me.

1. I’m not intimidating looking at all.

2. I’m a horrible liar. So if I was interrogated I’d probably admit my guilt.

3. My hair sheds like crazy so most likely it would end up all over the crime scene and bam, they got me.

4. My hair is also huge and curly and easy to spot, ie I wouldn’t blend in.

5. The sight of blood sort of grosses me out.

6. I drive like a grandma most of the time (so I could never be the getaway driver).

7. I’m pretty weak, so I wouldn’t be any use knocking down doors or breaking windows.

8. Most likely I’d start sneezing in the middle of a break in and totally give myself away.

9. I shuffle my feet, which is loud and also makes me a slow walker, not very efficient in a life of crime.

10. If Elliot Stabler showed up on the scene I’d give myself up in no time, I mean how could I not He’s Elliot Stabler!

oh yes, you can arrest me, haha.

So why couldn’t you be a criminal? Or could you?

happy wednesday!

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