A weekend full of wedding.

Ohmygoodness what a great weekend. Seriously it’s kind of ridiculous how fun of a wedding weekend I had, it just made me happy all over and even more excited for my own wedding next year (like I wasn’t excited enough). So recap weekend here we go!

Thursday: Had a mini bachelorette party at my apartment for the fabulous bride. Then we headed off to the Standard for some dancing and good times, great way to start it all off.

oh how we love Laura, the bride.

Friday: Left work a bit early to head on over to Covina Bowl for the wedding rehearsal dinner. It was a great time to mingle with everyone, get to know some new people, listen to some fabulous toasts (I definitely got a little teary) and ultimately do some bowling! Um I love bowling and I love it even more when I get a new high score! My last high score was at Gianni’s birthday and then I got my new best at his rehearsal dinner, I think that’s just awesome.

oh yeah, 171 what’s up now!

Saturday: Wedding day!! Matt left bright and early to help out (he was the psuedo best man and basically rocked it) so I had the day to myself. I lounged and relaxed a bit but then I was on a mission to get some new shoes to go with my dress for that night, so I as off and man was I sucessful, so sucessful I even got a new purse. I’m sort of in love:

oh how I love yellow. :)

Eventually I got ready and Matt’s dad and brother picked me up and we were on our way to the wedding! I’ve know the groom, Gianni, since freshmen year of high school and Matt’s known him since fourth grade, so basically we all go way back. To make things even more sentimental and adorable, Gianni introduced me and Matt, so to say we’re all close friends is sort of an understatement. I couldn’t be more happy for him and his now wife, Laura, I love them both and their wedding was all sorts of amazig. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

oh check out those handsome groomsmen.

oh and what lovely bridesmaids.

Husband and Wife!! Yay!

the high school kids, love it.

their first dance, precious.
and um love their names on the floor.

cutting the delicious cake, mmmm.

me and Jo getting down on the dance floor, haha.

Karen and I enjoying some wine and
some dancing, lovely.

everyone was dancing all night long, it was awesome.

Matt and I with the newlyweds!

me with the fiance :)

Gianni, Sean and Tim having a great time.

this pic makes me smile.

it wouldn’t be your wedding if your car
didn’t get decorated! Congrats!

So as you can tell from the pics it was a fabulous wedding. I had so much fun hanging out with my friends, getting all dressed up, dancing the night away and celebrating our friends’ wedding. Congrats again guys, we love you! :)

Sunday: Met up with most of the wedding party peeps for a post-wedding brunch at the hotel. It was definitely just what I needed and it was fun to see everyone one last time. Eventually Matt and I were ready to head home so we said our goodbye and wished the newlyweds a fabulous honeymoon (they’ll be gone a month! I’m so jealous!). The rest of the afternoon was a pretty lazy one for me which was nice and just what I needed. But later that night my sister and I headed over to West Hollywood for Nicole and Kerri’s GAP Born to Fit party (I posted over at my review blog, so click the link, woo), which was all sorts of awesome.

So that was my weekend. I’m sort of tired just rereading it all, haha. But it was totally worth it.

and how was your weekend?

happy monday!