World travelers.

A couple nights ago Matt and I were talking about just up and going. Anywhere. I think I got butterflies in my stomach at just the thought of it.

We both want to travel, try living somewhere else, be a little crazy for a while and have some fun.

But we’ve got this little thing called a wedding coming up so world travels isn’t really in the cards just yet. However, post wedding, post honeymoon, post save up some more money I think we might really do it. After everything next year I’d like to think that we really will up and go somewhere new. Maybe another state or even another country, even though neither one of us speaks another language. And not plan any of it (okay maybe some of it, who I am kidding, I’m a planner, haha). But just go. Maybe stop renting our apartment, store our stuff somewhere and just go.

And really? This makes me happier than I can even begin to convey.

Do you have any big travel plans coming up (I’m looking at you Nicole, haha) ? Have you done crazy spontaneous long trips? Any advice?

In the meantime this weekend’s travels are taking us to our friends’ wedding and I couldn’t be happier for them.

happy weekend!

*ps. thank you for all your advice and tips about bridal showers yesterday, I’ll definitely use it all!*

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