Sign me up for Bridal Showers 101.

So I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m the MOH (maid of honor) in my cousin’s wedding coming up in October. And with the regular day of wedding and some pre-wedding duties comes planning the bridal shower. Ummm say what? One more time? Mic check?

Yes I love planning holiday parties and birthday parties but even though I’m a future bride (and I’ve been to two bridal showers lately) I’m pretty dang clueless.

Here are the facts:

  • The bridal shower will be mixed with family and friends both young (well 19 at youngest) and not as young (like aunts in their 40s/50s).
  • I’m having the shower Labor Day weekend, so it might be hot it might not be.
  • She’ll be honeymooning in Thailand (I was thinking maybe a beachy theme or Thai food, but umm no idea).
  • It’s a luncheon, so like noonish.
  • The shower is going to be at an Aunt’s house.

For food I thought about doing some appetizers like spinach dip, fruit tray and chips or something. And for lunch maybe sandwiches and salad? But it just seems so boring, I need ideas people! And for dessert I think I’m going to make cupcakes or a cake or lemon bars or umm something awesome.

For decorations I’m completely clueless, I have no idea what to do. And favors? Ha! Help?

And for games, I don’t want to go overboard or do too many. But I was thinking of a “newlywed game” where I ask her fiance questions about her and we make her answer them. And them yeah that’s all I got. Help again?

Um so if you have any ideas, tips, free food please send them my way! I’ll love anything you’ve got, this is quite the learning experience for me :)

And how appropriate is this comic? haha.

happy thursday!