The wolves are taking over Hollywood.

As we’ve learned in the past, Wednesdays are just as awesome for Hollywood updates as Tuesdays. Maybe not as amazing, but they’re pretty awesome too. So without further adieu, here’s today’s Hollywoodness:

  • For this week’s cute bebes we have Marcia Cross’s adorable little girls, Savannah and Eden. Seriously they are just such adorable little girls. And playing with mom in the park is sort of precious:
    man they are both just so darn cute!

  • Next up is another precious little girl, Stella McDermott. I admit, I sort of watched a couple episodes of Tori and Dean and umm they’re kids are freakin adorable. And this little beach babe pic of Stella and Tori just made me melt a little bit.

    um adorable right?

  • Okay and because I couldn’t resist and this picture is both adorable and zexy I just had to share Cam Cigandet and his little girl, Everleigh.

    ooh hellooooo.

  • Moving on from the bebes but to some other cuteness… In a recent interview with Women’s Health Mila Kunis said some sort of adorable stuff about her boyfriend Macauly Culkin. Basically he’s her “steady rock” and they’ve been together seven years and umm go them!
  • Oh and because I feel like he hasn’t showed up enough on my blog, Orlando Bloom. He’s all sorts of adorable and cute and I just want to go to a coffee shop and be hip with him.

    aren’t you so hip?

  • Moving on from the hipness and on to the Twilightness. Oh what a great week for Twilight it was. The second and very Jacob-centric preview came out and ummmmm is it November yet!?! I sort of swooned a bit over this preview and may have watched it more than once. Like wo.

    Also in Twilight and Jacob-centric news last week was a most fabulous EW shoot with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner and I may have squeeeed a bit at the pics and the behind the scenes clips. Sort of love it. But don’t worry, I’m still team Rob/Edward :)

    um love this pic and their cuteness.

    okay I gotta admit she looks pretty fierce here,
    sort of love it

    I can’t believe this cuteness is not even 18 yet! haha.

  • And in movie news…
    Apparently Tom Cruise is bored and Mission Impossible 4 is in the works. Now I’m not going to lie, I sort of love Mission Impossible and I own MI:2. But umm don’t know that MI:4 is quite necessary. But I can bet I’ll probably see it either way, I’m a sucker for some crazy action sometimes.

    Also in sequel news, a second Wolverine movie is officially a go. Hugh Jackman is even going to produce this flick too. I sort of really loved Wolverine and I love the X-Men movies so I hope this movie lives up to its predecessors. Fingers crossed!

  • And in TV news…
    John and Kate Plus Eight. I heart Aaden. Really that is all. He is just so freakin cute and adorable and ah! Heart him. And I can’t believe I’m still watching the show, but the kids, oh the kids are just precious!
  • And in music news…
    Miss Britney Spears did Letterman’s Top Ten last night. And it was actually sort of funny. A little much at times, but I totally still laughed.

    Also in musicness. I’m sort of really obsessed with Shakira’s song “She Wolf.” I can’t stop listening to, tweeting about it, talking about it! It’s ridiculous. It’s not even all that amazing. But it’s definitely keeping me dancing and umm you should probably check it out. And then love it. Then thank me later, haha.

  • Lastly in today’s WTF news, we have another bebe story from a woman in Tunisia. A woman that is most definitely putting the Octo-mom to shame because she’s pregnant with twelve, yes TWELVE babies!! I can’t even imagine how big her stomach is or how that is even possible to have so many kids. But man, that is definitely WTF worthy.
    *update: The woman is a fraud, she’s not even pregnant! I think it still constitutes as a WTF story because um she has some serious problems*

Anything I missed? As always, let me know!

happy wednesday!