Quite a Swiss weekend.

So remember when I said I wasn’t going to miss a day of blogging again? Yeah well I totally forgot that I wasn’t getting back until yesterday so alas the blog went blank again. Oh well. I’m back now and had a most fabulous weekend that I have to share!

Friday: After work I had the pleasure of attending Tara’s GAP Born to Fit party on the west side and man was it a great time. I posted all about it on my review blog so head on over to check it out. Basically it was a great way to end the work week and a great night overall.

Saturday: Off and away! My sister, Matt, my cousin Bryan and I hopped into Bryan’s parent’s car and we were off to Salinas for the annual Swiss picnic with my family. Per tradition we stopped off at Andersen’s Pea Soup on the way up and my sister and I got this gem:

oh I’m so easily amused

Eventually we made our way up to my cousin’s house for a big BBQ with tons of family, lots of food, some music and even more alcohol, haha we know how to have a good time.

gettin all cute on the dance floor

my cousin Dave and his daugher, so adorable

they’re all so intrigued, haha

After the BBQ the youngins went to my cousin Kenji (hi Kenji!) and Zach’s place where the drinking games and craziness commenced. Seriously hanging out with my cousins is always a good time. So without further ado and talking about let’s just see some more pictures:

this is why we love each other, haha

Kourtney and Bryan pre-drinking games

oh so zexy kids

this would have been perfect for Tiger Week, haha

Kristine is in awe (or shock, ha) of Kenji’s pong skills

and check out those sweet moves, haha

I missed this part of the night but apparently things got
a little crazy and pretty entertaining, oh good times

Basically it was a ridiculous night and it was awesome.

Sunday: Time to celebrate our Swissness Basically all of the Swiss people in the community head to the Swiss Rifle range and have a big ole picnic, celebrate being with family, dance to some polka and do the chicken dance, have lots of delicious food and have a grand ole time. And grand as always it was this year. I love hanging out with the fam and being crazy and having fun. And again I present some more fantabulous pics:

love these two cuties

the SoCal crew, sort of, haha

my parents with some of the cousins

getting down to the chicken dance

After the picnic we headed to my cousin Steve’s house for some more food (how I ate it all I don’t know) and good times.

the boys relaxing for a bit

Kurt giving himselt a nice massage as well, haha

chilling at the Indigo Bar, good times all around

After my cousin’s house we headed back to Kenji’s place for a little more fun time and bonfires before calling the weekend to an end.

kisses for Rocky, cuuute

Basically it was another fun night of laughs and good times and not a dull moment in sight.

Monday: Drove home. Sad to go. Saw a movie with Matt. Came home to watch Definitely, Maybe. Relaxed, goodbye weekend.

And how was your weekend? Any crazyness or good times in there? Anything I missed reading about?

happy tuesday!