Awesome is as Awesome does.

Things that aren’t so awesome:

  • Bug bites. ON MY FACE. Apparently getting bit up last weekend in New Mexico wasn’t enough for the bug kingdom because after I got back from dinner with Matt last night there was a whopping bite on my freaking face. Umm hey bugs, you can stop eating me up now okay? Thanks.
  • Today is not a payday.
  • I don’t have a million dollars. Having a million dollars would really make my life amazing right about now.

Things that are quite awesome:

  • Tonight is Tara‘s GAP party and I’m quite excited to see her and what other fellow bloggers and friends that are attending.
  • Tomorrow I’m heading up to see tons of family in Salinas and have lots of food and drinks and tons of fun. So excited.

  • Wine. Really you can’t go wrong with wine. It’s just so gooooood.
  • Umm it’s Friday.

And what’s awesome for you today?

happy weekend all!

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