Some Wednesday thoughts.

Oh yes it’s one of those days where I just feel like rambling and sharing uselessness, so enjoy:

  • Last night I realized that I own 16 Old Navy tank tops. Oh yes, 16. And I almost thought about getting more this weekend at the $2 deal. Yeah don’t know about that anymore.
  • Listening to Wicked just makes me want to go see it again. Is it coming back to LA yet?
  • This Keanu Reeves video from 1984 made me laugh like no other. Seriously you need to watch it, it’s amazing.
  • I would love some Cinnamon Toast Crunch right about now.
  • And some popcorn.
  • And maybe a vanilla shake from In-N-Out too.
  • Lately I’ve spent more time planning/getting ready for other people’s weddings than I have even thinking about my own, whoops.
  • I’ve been slacking on my review blog but I plan on getting some new ones up there soon I promise.
  • I really wish I could paint my fingernails without it looking like it was done by a seven year old.
  • Apparently I still have “sweet blood” like my grandma always used to say, because I got eaten alive by bugs last weekend and I can’t help but itch! It’s itchy!!
  • Matt is silly.
  • It’s always nice when the Dodgers win.
  • I need a pause button. My planner is making me dizzy. Actually I think a nap would suffice.
  • Two days from now I’m going to Tara‘s GAP party and three days from now I’ll be headed to northern California for a family picnic weekend, I’m all sorts of excited.

and what are you thinking about/feel like sharing today??

happy wednesday!