I won’t be getting a cowboy hat any time soon.

by katelin on August 3, 2009

Oh dear weekend why have you left me already? You were so nice and relaxing, seriously we should meet up again? How about five days from now? Sound good? Okay. Works for me too :)

Friday: After work I headed over to meet up with Matt for dinner at his dad’s house. It was a delicious night of burgers and wine and good conversation. Matt’s brother was there as well and later my cousin Brittany came over to do some chatting and hanging out and twas a lovely way to spend the evening. Afterwards Matt and I came home and played some Mario Party on the Wii and yeah it was awesome.

Saturday: Slept in and oh my was it wonderous. Don’t remember the last time I slept past ten and mmmm I loved it. Eventually Matt and I did some errand running and before we knew it it was time to get ready and head to the Borderline Bar and Grill for a good ole night of country! It was our friend Laura’s birthday and man was it a good night for line dancing (even if I have absolutely no rhythm whatsoever, seriously I was awful, haha).

a delicious cake for the birthday girl

Gianni is clearly reserved for Laura :)

drinks all around!

the whole country crew, woo

Basically there were line dancing and partner lessons and somehow I am missing that element to make me good, haha. But Laura and Matt were amazing. Seriously Gianni and I joked that we should just switch fiances for dancing because our other halves were significantly better than we were, haha. All in all it was a great night full of lots of laughs, lots of country music and lots of cowboy hats, haha.

Sunday: Slept in again (man it was lovely) and after much debate Matt and I finally decided to spend our day a the Norton Simon museum. I hadn’t been in about ten years and Matt had never been so it was a fun afternoon. Got to check out some art, be a bit cultural and all that jazz.

Adam and Eve,
a la the Desperate Housewives opening, haha

such a gorgeous day

After the museum I came home to get ready and went walking with my mom (project bridesmaid/bride is in full effect, haha). After walking Matt and I had breakfast for dinner. Talk about delicious alright, I freaking love breakfast so I was in heaven. Then we spent the rest of our night relaxing, wedding planning and movie watching (yeah I put in Mama Mia, I just had to, haha).

Basically it was a fabulous weekend and I’m ready for another one already, woo.

happy monday!

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