To my iphone with love.

My dearest iphone,

First of all I’m sorry I don’t have a better name for you yet, it’s almost been two weeks and clearly I am slacking. How does Pearl sound? Or Violet (haha I joke)? Or Clementine (since your case is orange and amazing)? Anyways, we’ll figure it out sooner or later and you’ll love your new name I just know it. But for now, iphone it is.

So my iphone why am I writing you a letter on this fine friday? Well, I just needed to profess my love for you so the world (a la my blogworld) could hear it (er read it). Seriously I am in love.

Last week in Chicago while I was wandering the city aimlessly by myself you stepped in and gave me emails and tweets and phone calls and it was magnificent. You even gave me weather reports (and stocks, which um do I really need that) and directions to a cafe to meet friends for lunch.

You even let me take twitpics for the first time ever and play useless games to kill the time as I lounged in Millenium Park. And for that, I love you. No really, I do.

Although you costed me a pretty penny I’m learning that it was totally worth it and I wouldn’t trade you for anything (unless someone offered me a million dollars I may be persuaded, haha).

So keep on being awesome and I’ll keep on loving you.



happy friday!