Chicago Take One.

Oh vacation how I heart you so and I heart you even more when it’s for six days and in Chicago.
Seriously, last week was so much fun I can barely believe it’s over already. So yes I believe some recapping is in order, so much in fact that I know I can’t cover it all in one post, so consider this Chicago take one:

Tuesday: Hopped on a plane (which hey Frontier is there a reason it had to be so dang bumpy on both of my flights?!) and made it to Chicago just in time for dinner. My friend Lynn met me at the airport and we headed to her place before making our way to grab sushi for dinner. The place was BYOB which I think is amazing and more places should definitely do that. Afterwards we just hung out, went to a bar and had a fine and dandy time.

Wednesday: My Chicago Day. Seriously, I had the day to myself so what did I do? I explored Michigan Ave. Did some shopping, took some pictures, enjoyed some music in the park, basically all sorts of goodness.

Loved this church courtyard so much

the Tip Top Tap part made me laugh

next time I’m in Chicago I am doing a boat tour!

me and the beeeeeeeean!

there are cars in there! sort of awesome
ummm a bit baffling!

The day was lovely. I walked around, explored some of the city and had lunch with Jessica and Teresa which was awesome. Eventually I made it back to Lynn’s place and relaxed a bit before heading over to the beach with her to play some volleyball with her team. It was crazy, I hadn’t touched a volleyball in years but somehow managed to play six games in the sand, haha. It was entertaining to say the least. After the game we hit up a fabulous Mexican place for some delicious margaritas (sadly I forgot to take pictures) and enchilladas (let’s say yummmmm together) and had a lovely time. Eventually we had to call it a night.

Thursday: Another Chicago day for me, woo. Got to explore a bit and do some more walking, met Lynn for lunch. Eventually checked into the Sheraton (which ohmygosh has the most amazing beds ever) and waited for the BlogHer festivities to begin.

And that my friends is where I’m going to leave you…there is so much BlogHerness and I’m way too tired to even begin to cover the awesomeness, but I will leave you with a teaser pic:

love it.

Oh good times all around.

And how was your week/weekend? Anything I missed since I admit I may not make it to all posts since my reader is 1000+ (oh boy), haha.

happy monday!