CHICAGO here I come!

So usually today would be a Hollywood day post and I apologize for anyone coming over to see some Hollywood scoop but remember when I posted that I was going to Chicago in two weeks??! Yeah well that two weeks has finally arrived and I am on my way to Chicago! And the fact that I didn’t pack until last night and my scheduled posting has been out of whack lately (yeah I really just said ‘out of whack’) I didn’t have time to add some Hollywood flare before I left. But I promise, next week’s Hollywood news will be all sorts of awesome!

But um, back to Chicago. I AM SO EXCITED. Okay well yes this is a given. But um, Chicago. It just sounds amazing. And it will be amazing (even if I have to wear a jacket and bring an umbrella…umwtf weather? you stop that thunderstorm business and you stop it now!).

Tonight I’m flying in and staying with a college friend Lynn who I haven’t seen since graduation three years ago and that alone is awesome.

huge drinks, just the way we like them

Basically the girl is awesome and I can’t wait to catch up and hang out with her in person and do some drinking and have some fun!

Wednesday I’ll be exploring the city on my own and seeing the Bean, having some pizza and probably hitting up the Art Museum then going out with Lynn and company that night. Thursday I check into my hotel and the BlogHer madness will begin. I’m so glad I went last year because I sort of know what to expect (even though I feel like this year it’s a wee bit more intense) and I’ll know plenty of people that are going.

So are you in Chicago? Headed to BlogHer? If so I can’t wait to see you! Or tweet me or email me and let’s try and meet up!

I really cannot wait.

and stop by tomorrow and Thursday for two fabulous Chicagoans that will be taking over.

happy tuesday!