You Don’t Say?

First of all I want to say thank you everyone for all of the comment’s on yesterday’s post. Even thank you to the people that decided to leave me my first negative anonymous comments (hey I think first time in a blog I’ve had 2 years isn’t too bad) because there were plenty of other wonderful comments to negate you and remind me that it really is mine and Matt’s wedding and no one else’s so whatever we choose will be just fine and dandy. So really, dear freaders you are rock stars.

And on that note again I just should probably do some fiance promotion. I sort of had this crazy idea that Matt could start a blog again and since he’s done so much planning of the wedding while he’s been out of work that why not write a blog about it. I mean there aren’t a ton of wedding blogs written by the groom right? So he actually took me up on my idea and so A Groom’s Eye View was started. So feel free to stop on over and check out some weddingness from Matt’s perspective and just tell him ‘hi’, I know he’d appreciate it. Woo.

Well moving on from the weddingness and on to where I am right now. Because I am most definitely not at work, not even in California. If you’ve been following me on twitter or Facebook you know that I’ve made my way to Las Vegas again. It’s crazy because usually there is at least a year in between my Vegas adventures and this time it’s not even a month!! Why am I going you ask? Well one of my good friends Lauren (that I’ve known since 1st grade) and her family (who are from Ohio and I last saw when I graduated college three years ago) have been in Vegas all week and leave Saturday morning. So my sister, me and another elementary school friend have all trekked out to spend all day today with them (and most appropiately on Lauren’s birthday!) and have a grand olve Vegas time.

So yes I’m quite excited to be reunited with some fabulous ladies and hope we don’t melt in the 110 degrees that’s taking over Sin City at the moment, oh boy.

oh weren’t we cute sisters of the 90s, haha me, my sister, Christina and Lauren

Hope you all have a most fabulous weekend!

happy friday!