Free always has its costs.

In less than a month Matt and I have attended two presentations to get some free stuff. The first was for a timeshare presentation in Vegas when we went in June and the second was last night in Pasadena for some cookware.

Now I’m not going to bash these presentations but I will say that they’ll have to offer me a whole lot more to get me to go to any more of them. The one in Vegas was kind of eh because we had to get up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday (umm did they know we were in Las Vegas!?) and although we did get a free room, which don’t get me wrong is awesome in itself, it was at Bally’s (and not the best room we could have gotten). And for that we had to sit through a two hour presentation about a timeshare that we knew we weren’t going to get because really we just can’t afford that right now.

And the one last night, oh the one last night. First of all, when I got the call about it and that I won some free champagne flutes I thought ‘hey why not?’, but then of course there was a catch and I had to go to some presentation to get them. So with promises of food and being two hours I convinced Matt and we went. Well the lady on the phone left out a lot and it was just about three hours and there about two morsels of food at the very end of it (I came straight from work, had no food and became a wee bit cranky). But I will say that the stuff the guy showed us was pretty good quality stuff just not really affordable for us right now.

So yes, as cool as a free room in Vegas and two champagne flutes are, I don’t think I’ll be sitting through any more presentations any time soon. It’s just not worth my time or their and I can only count so many squares in the carpet.

Can’t they just give me the free stuff? I mean really, I do have a review blog and all :)

What do you think about the ‘free’ gimmicks and presentations?

happy wednesday!